When Bytes Meet Bites

What does the Industrial Internet of Things mean for the food and beverage industry? By Dominique Stucki, head of MES operations, ABB, Switzerland. What do…


Keeping Up With Asia Pacific’s Food Processing Trends

Ricky Ong, sales manager in Asia for Heat and Control, shares with APFI regarding Asia Pacific’s latest trends in the food processing sector. The food…


Korea Bamboo Salt: A Healthy Alternative

Originating from Korea, bamboo salt is sea salt burnt in pinewood fire. Sea salt is burnt for eight times; on the ninth time, the salt…


The Key Ingredient In Food Traceability: Industrial Printers

Accelerating technology deployments to gain visibility of assets, people and products to understand specific industry demands is key, and such measures include traceability solutions, says…

Food Safety

We’re All Affected By Food Fraud

Food Industry Asia’s latest white paper on Food Fraud unveils some shocking truths about our globalised food chain. Did you know? Twice as much Wagyu…


New Packaging Policies Are A Global Game Changer

Susan Hansen, Global Strategist, Food&Agri Supply Chains for Rabobank, explores the changing packaging policies in China and its global impact.    The Policy Challenge Over the…


Revolutionising Warehousing Through Automation

Poul Lorentzen, general manager of Consoveyo—the Portugal-based system integrator and leading provider of automated material handling systems—speaks to APFI about the relevance of automated warehousing…


Time To Tackle The Food Paradox: A Call to Action, Insieme

It is by now a well-known fact that there is a striking paradox within our global food system—so many still go hungry, while so many…


Superfoods Provide New Possibilities In The World Of Baking

One of the markets with great potential to use superfoods as ingredients is the bakery industry, says Daniel Carrión, manager, Tigernuts Traders.   Superfoods are…


A Game-Changer In Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Insulated Packaging

Since polystyrene packaging was invented in 1954, there has been no alternative that has outperformed its cool chain performance and combined it with recyclability, sustainability,…

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