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September 2014, eNewsletter
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Strong Growth For Yoghurt Drink In China
Drinking yoghurt will become the third most consumed dairy drink in China by 2016 by exceeding flavoured milk.
Dubai Report Shows Popularity Of Halal Food
The halal food and beverage market grew to a US$1.1 trillion industry in 2013.
Olam Expands Partnership With Sanyo Foods
Olam expects to record a net cash inflow of US$167.5 million and an addition to reserves of US$80.8 million when the transaction completes.
tna Opens Thailand Office
Located in Bangkok, the office is part of the company’s global expansion strategy in this dynamic region.
Greenfields Expands Dairy Farm Facility
With the expansion, more than 27 million litres of milk products will be packed, sealed and distributed to countries in Asia.

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FI Asia

Fi Asia returns to the Jakarta International Expo in Indonesia from October 15-17, 2014. Alternating between Bangkok, Thailand, and Jakarta, Indonesia, every other year, the last Indonesian edition was held in 2012 and attracted 564 exhibitors and over 9,00 visitors from different parts of the world.

Fi Asia
Jakarta International Expo
Jakarta, Indonesia
October 15-17, 2014

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The Cocoa Colony



Davos, Switzerland, the highest city in Europe, venue of the World Economic Forum, and this year, the location of Chocovision. It is late Spring and the weather has warmed up a little, although the temperature still hovered below 20 deg C, which is about the highest it will go. Dry and gentle breeze swept across the city that is sandwiched between the snowcapped Plessur and Albula Range of the Swiss Alps, a picture of serenity and one that is in stark contrast to the turbulent undercurrent of the cocoa industry.

The issue that the cocoa industry is facing may seem like a luxury problem to the outsider, but the implications are real and may have a far reaching impact on the survival of the industry. Driven by surging demands for chocolate in Asia, which is ranked the world’s lowest per capita in 2013, chocolate makers are struggling to source for quality cocoa beans to make their products.

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The Cocoa Series: Adapting To A World Of Change pic5

The world that we knew 10 years ago has ceased to exist. Climate change, population growth, and the shift of power from developed nations to emerging markets are setting the stage for a brand new future.

These are but some of the changes in the cocoa industry that are calling for immediate action. Who would have thought emerging markets to become the top consumers of cocoa in five years’ time? In the first of a six-part series, we explore the shifting food and beverage landscape and its effects on stakeholders along the value chain.

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A Healthy Asia Pacific Future


Today’s consumers are more health conscious than ever before, with a growing number of people choosing to take proactive steps to safeguard their health. In addition to increased exercise levels, good nutrition plays a key role in the shift towards a more health-focused lifestyle.

Whether it is protecting heart health, improving digestion or helping to manage weight, there is rising demand for customised food and beverage products that deliver relevant health and wellness benefits.

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