Convenience Driving Global Instant Noodle Market

  • Thursday, 23 April 2015 15:58
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To increase its popularity even further, manufacturers are fortifying the noodles and improving packaging.

CALIFORNIA, US: The global instant noodles market is witnessing healthy growth driven by expanding Asian communities, and the growing popularity of Asian gourmet food among non-Asians, according to market research firm GIA.

With noodles being customised for regional buyers all over the globe, the ubiquitous, and cheap rectangular cubes of flash dried and dehydrated noodles is today a global food product.

Key factors instrumental in instant ramen’s evolution into the world’s staple food include its low cost, quality nutrition, wide variety of taste and flavour profiles, and minimal cooking time.

Today, instant noodles are available everywhere, from the fast food cafeterias of US to the roadside hawkers in India, and Saudi Arabia. Disposable income and purchasing power parity of consumers in various regions across the globe represent major economic factors that influence the demand, and consumption for instant noodles.

Typically, consumers with higher disposable income consume higher amounts of instant noodles. Future growth in the market will come from countries presently not ranked among the top consuming countries worldwide. Further, manufacturers are encouraging frequency of purchase of instant ramen by enhancing the food’s nutritional value through fortification.

Noodles fortified with vitamins, calcium, minerals, and ß-carotene in its natural form are growing in demand. In addition to functional product innovation, manufacturers are also focusing on aesthetic innovation in product packaging to drive sales.

Buoyed by some of the largest noodle consuming nations in the world, including China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, Asia Pacific is poised to retain its dominance in the coming years.

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