Lubricants may be vital for machines to function properly, but they also have a huge effect on quality control and a company’s bottom-line. By Manjesh Babu, market manager, Klüber Lubrication München

With rising food prices, efforts in improving food security have to take precedence for this will directly affect areas like employment, education, environment and the eventual future of humankind. By Sherlyne Yong

Growing interest in the science of sports performance has opened new market opportunities. Products catered to different kinds of exercise are now available, but scientific backing on their claims would be essential to gain customers’ confidence. By John Brewer, professor, University of Bedfordshire
As one of the rapidly growing beverage segments in the world, competition within the energy drink market is becoming more intense. The addition of plant extracts into traditional formulas can provide the differentiating factor. By Anja Nabasik, editor, SternVitamin

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to feed their gastrointestinal (GI) systems in order to stay healthy. With the growing amount of probiotics and prebiotics products available, more evaluations and standards are in place to govern labelling and health claims. By John Austad, technical development manager, Brent Rozema, carbohydrate and lipid chemistry manager, and Garrett Zielinski, research associate, Covance Laboratories
Ensuring the quality and authenticity of functional ingredients is important both for business practices and the health of consumers. The dramatic growth of this segment means increase the importance of universal standards with greater definition of composition and health claims. By Markus Lipp, director of food standards, USP
While it is becoming mandatory to present detailed nutrition information of food on the packaging, many are beginning to put simplified information on the front packaging or shelf tags. Studies have suggested that it might be easier to capture consumers’ attention with more simplistic presentation. By Kelly C Wohlgenant and James C Hersey, RTI International
Increasing visibility and control across the entire product chain can prevent costly recall and improve operational efficiency. Companies in Southeast Asia are recognising Internet of Things as an effective solution. By Rod Rodericks, VP and GM, Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific

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