The Sweetis sweetener system offers food and beverage manufacturers the ability to create sucrose-like taste profiles with the mouthfeel of sugar. Sugar in foods and beverages can be reduced without compromising taste and texture.

The sweetener system can replace sugar in manufacturers’ product recipes, which will provide more intense sweetness, up to 120 to 130 percent increase of sucrose, fewer calories, and allows formulations to contain up to 50 percent less sugar.

Ingredion’s dial-in sweetness technology is used to shorten the path to achieve optimum sensory profiles. The system provides minimal formulation changes, offers flowability, and is pH and heat-stable.

The Eccentric-Oil free (EO) range of scroll compressors by Boge ensure beverage manufacturers full protection from contamination as these comprise a scroll compressor technology which does without oil lubrication.

The aluminium spirals in the compressor chamber intermesh but do not touch, resulting in compressed air that is pulsation-free and absolutely free of oil. These therefore can be connected to a nitrogen generator that is used when decanting wine, which prevents wine from fermenting further and stops bacteria or mould from forming in the bottle.

Covering the full performance range from 5.5 kW to 22 kW, the EO series is available with one to four airends, and up to four compressors can be installed in the housing of the compressor to ensure flexible adaptation to the compressed air demand.

Frederic Sailly, EVP product development, Sidel, shares the latest trends in the beverage industry for products and processing. Complete line solutions and green manufacturing will continue to be a focus.

Ensuring safety in beverages is important for consumer health, and one such way to do this for manufacturers is through mass spectrometry during beverage processing. By Vincent Lau, field marketing manager, Southeast Asia, Sciex

Flexible packaging is a growing dynamic sector for the technology suppliers, packaging converters and brand owners of the food and beverage industry, but which trends should we keep our eye on most? By Smithers Pira

Capping is important in ensuring product quality, stability and freshness. However, not many are aware of the crucial role that torque testing plays and factors which affect the overall accuracy. By Gabro Szakacs, product manager, Mesa Laboratories

Increasingly health conscious consumers have led to a sharp growth in the clean label trends. Beverage manufacturers who would like to leverage on the use of natural colours have to consider the effects on colour, taste and sensorial quality. By Campbell Cooper, GM, Kleurcraft

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