How healthy a food is is important to the consumer, but taste can hold an even higher priority; no matter how healthful a food is, it will not be enjoyed and therefore purchased by the consumer if the food does not taste good or give a good sensory experience. CWS starches can make products healthier and yet achieve both a good mouthfeel and taste at the same time. By Cargill

Franck Monmont, regional director, Cargill Texturising Solutions, talks to APFI on Cargill’s recent investments into Asia.

Cargill, leading provider of food, agricultural and industrial ingredients, has announced that it will be investing in a number of key specialty starch projects in the Asia Pacific region.

Peter van Deursen, chief executive officer, Asia Pacific, Cargill, shares more with APFI.

The approach can be further developed for use with other pathogens and meats to enable risk-based decisions in products going in or out.

Health-conscious consumers want low-calorie alternatives for food and beverages and food manufacturers are rushing to meet that demand. Using tribology as an analysing tool, innovations leading to acceptable mouthfeel and texture in products have become more effective, accurate and less time-consuming.

Cargill’s EverSweet sweetener offers manufacturers a solution for sweeter options that satisfy consumer health without sacrificing great taste. A zero-calorie stevia sweetener, it is made with Reb M and Reb D, the same sweetness found in the stevia leaf.

The sweetener provides consumers with a sweetness of better intensity, faster onset and improved quality, yet without the bitterness or off-note aftertaste other stevia sweeteners might give.

Produced through fermentation with baker’s yeast, the sweetener makes for not only a commercially viable product, but also one that is sustainable as it uses signifi cantly less land and emits less carbon dioxide than if it were produced through the stevia leaf.

Cargill and Mondelēz International are collaborating to introduce a two-and-a-half year program in Indonesia to support the country’s cocoa industry, specifically to improve the livelihood of smallholder cocoa farmers and driving sustainability in their farming practices.

Cargill has acquired EWOS, a salmon nutrition company, for US$1.53 billion.

Cargill will invest US$ 100 million to double the capacity of its soybean oil crush operation in Borg El Arab to meet the increasing demand in Egypt for soybean meal and vegetable oil.

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