There are approximately 795 million people suffering from malnutrition globally. How can governments and the food industry help relieve this issue in a sustainable yet affordable way? Yannick Foing from DSM’s nutrition improvement program Asia-Pacific discusses possible solutions.

According to DSM’s third report in its Global Insight Series, flavoured milk consumption is soaring and not just from children alone, as adults are also embracing these dairy beverages. Taste, variety of flavours and sugar content are therefore important for success.

Enjoying high consumer awareness, the backing of an EFSA Article 13.1 health claim, and regularly the subject of studies designed to unlock its full potential, vitamin C remains firmly associated with positive health benefits. What has recent research gleaned of the vitamin’s role in enhancing immune response, and how can it be incorporated into our foods? By Professor Manfred Eggersdorfer, senior vice-president, Nutrition Science & Advocacy, DSM

As part of their Global Insight Series, DSM highlighted in their second report focused on sugar reduction that 62 percent of consumers surveyed are concerned about sugar content in their dairy.

Food fortification can value add products and give producers a competitive edge, but the process is often complicated and challenging. Staple food fortification on the other hand, is simple, safe and affordable. In addition, it can contribute to the health of the society without changing the people’s diet. By Yannick Foing, manager, nutrition improvement program, DSM nutritional products Asia Pacific

Fortification of dairy products has evolved from addressing deficiency needs to providing greater functionality and health benefits. As we gain more knowledge on the elements affecting eye health, these functional ingredients can be incorporated into dairy products to serve customer needs. By Federico Graciano, advocacy manager, DSM Nutritional

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