With consumers looking for more natural solutions in terms of colours and flavours, having colouring foods for even savoury products would offer huge potential for manufacturers. By Victor Foo, general manager, GNT Singapore

As consumers take a greater interest in foods that are beneficial for their health, how can cheese manufacturers lower sodium and fat levels to meet this demand? By Sherlyne Yong

How healthy a food is is important to the consumer, but taste can hold an even higher priority; no matter how healthful a food is, it will not be enjoyed and therefore purchased by the consumer if the food does not taste good or give a good sensory experience. CWS starches can make products healthier and yet achieve both a good mouthfeel and taste at the same time. By Cargill

Taste is always a crucial factor that determines whether a consumer buys a product. With such importance, it is vital that food manufacturers can provide the taste that consumers want. By Kathleen Koh, managing director, Asia Pacific, Kalsec

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Company opened a new centre in Sydney, which includes two application laboratories where prototypes for food and beverages can be produced.

Takasago, a Japanese flavour and fragrance company, opened its research and development as well as manufacturing plant at One Hub in Chennai with an investment of US$10 million.

Flavours from around the world, especially the Middle East, seem to be the driving force of the trends.

Asian consumers are becoming increasingly adventurous when it comes to snacking. Seasoning technology plays a key role in providing consumers the sensory experience they want while helping manufacturers improve their bottom line. By David Woollard, group product manager, seasoning, tna

KH Roberts has released new Japanese-inspired artisan flavours for food and beverage manufacturers. The bittersweet-tart Yuzu and fresh floral Sakura flavours have been crafted to give a harmonious blend of notes and optimised flavour performance so as to enhance taste quality in products.

Delivering excellent flavour release and shelf-life, the two flavours provide authentic flavour performance and suit applications such as in beverages, dairy and bakery products. They can also be paired with the company’s existing Black Tea and Green Tea flavours for a delightful sensory experience.

Exotic flavours are in, and with american consumers being unfamiliar with Asian cuisine, flavours like sambal, rendang and turmeric seem to be gaining traction. By Manik Mehta

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