Ingredion Incorporated launched a new line of low cost-in-use dietary fibres for manufactures to add fibre to foods. The Novelose dietary fibre series can be applied for fibre fortification and calorie reduction in baked goods, pastas, noodles and extruded products with little to no impact on product texture, flavour and colour.

The dietary fibres are versatile, process stable, insoluble type 4 resistant starch ingredients, and can deliver fibre and help reduce calories and carbohydrates in low moisture applications such as breads, crackers, cookies, pastas, noodles and extruded products.

The dietary fibres have a minimum total dietary fibre of 85 percent on a dry solids basis. There are tapioca, wheat, and potato-based options to offer product functionality that fits best with different requirements.

Consumption of instant noodles is increasing in Asia. Fortifying wheat flour with vitamins and minerals may improve nutrient intake in Asia.

Ongoing consumer demand for ‘optimal nutrition’ and more personalisation is spurring new product innovations. Arwika Ussahatanon, food and communications specialist, explains.

Fortifying foods is not a new trend, but it is a move that manufacturers are commonly adopting now, whether to address deficiencies in vitamins and minerals for consumers, or to enhance the appeal of their products with these added health benefits. But what exactly is fortification, why do we need to fortify foods, and what can be said of the future for fortification? Lee Wei Xuan, research analyst, Euromonitor International, tells APFI more. By Michelle Cheong

Nutrition remains a widespread problem in the world today, regardless if one has access to food or not. To target this, it is not only important to make sure people have enough food, but also that they have the required knowledge on nutrition to make informed choices about their diets. Food manufacturers can do much more to ensure this, as well as make end-products healthier to improve consumer health. By Michelle Cheong

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