The Vana-Cappa portfolio of dairy solutions by FrieslandCampina are dairy-based foaming creamers that can be used for single-serve coffee capsules and pods.

Covering applications such as for cappuccino, café au lait, latte macchiato, cortado and espresso macchiato, this range caters to the gradually changing consumer preferences for milk-based single-serve coffee over black coffee.

The solutions come in a powdered form in capsules, offering solubility while enhancing the overall taste and sensory experience. They also contain high bulk density to allow for a higher amount of milk, good foam performance, whitening, foam height and perfect layering (for applications such as latte macchiato) at the end-application.

FrieslandCampina Kievit’s latest ingredient, Vana-Monte DP570, is a whipping agent that includes application in bakery and retail applications.

The ingredient provides aerated and lasting firmness that is particularly suitable for warmer climates, where cake fillings and toppings tend to collapse due to high temperatures. The ingredient offers excellent decoration properties, including clean and sharp edges on a cake; and in crème chantilly, it offers a clean and creamy taste.

The ingredient not only works well in cold climates, but also in warmer climates. Typically, foam loses its consistency at ambient storage, but Vana-Monte DP570 will maintain its consistency.

Malnutrition, including both undernutrition and overnutrition, is not an issue that can be tackled by any party on its own. Instead, it requires a concerted effort from various stakeholders to deliver the message and as it turns out, investing in such initiatives make business sense as well. By Ada Wong, head of public affairs and communications, Asia, FrieslandCampina

Piet Hilarides, chief operating officer, Consumer Products Asia, FrieslandCampina, gives an overview of the dairy industry in Asia and what manufacturers can capitalise on and how they can meet growing consumer demand for dairy products.

With an estimated nine-billion strong global population by 2050, providing sufficient nutrition would require concerted, collective efforts from food manufacturers, producers, governments, civil society and consumers to take place now. By Ada Wong, head of public affairs and communications, Asia, FrieslandCampina

Rather than just awaiting governmental legislation, parties up and down the food value chain should first work together to tackle food security issues.

Piet Hilarides is now the chief operating officer of FrieslandCampina's Consumer Products Asia business group.

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