Taiyo’s whole green coffee helps to reduce and stabilise blood glucose levels and can act as an appetite suppressant. The powder contains caffeine and a wide variety of other valuable coffee bean components, such as chloro¬genic acids, antioxidants, minerals and dietary fibres.

The ingredient delivers sustained caffeine release and offers a continuous supply of caffeine for a period of six to eight hours, without the associated side-effects of jitters or rapid heartbeat. It can be used on a variety of food formulations—such as breakfast cereals, beverages, and dietary supplements such as protein powders and capsules.

The ingredient is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and can be labelled as ‘natural’ and ‘gentle’ on energy products.

The global dairy ingredients market size is expected to reach US$86.97 billion by 2024, according to a report by Grand View Research Incorporated.

Anlit has launched vegetarian turmeric (curcumin) gummies for consumers seeking curcumin supplement alternatives. These contain natural colourants, without preservatives or artificial colours.

To satisfy the growing demand for vegetarian products, the gummies are not made of conventional gelatin; instead the gummies use pectin, produced by a clean, starch-free moulding system. This allows them to be certified kosher and halal.

Coming in a gummy form to provide a beneficial curcumin dosage, both children and adult consumers are presented with a tasteful and easy solution to intake curcumin without needing to swallow tablets or capsules.

Agricultural tomato wastes can be recycled to produce nutrient-rich extract for the food and feed industries, according to a team of Portugese researchers.

There may not have been a better time for food companies to invest in the development of products that are enhanced with functional ingredients and the application of big data technology may be the big leap forward. By Vincent Monahan, business development, Nuritas

When it comes to functional foods, algae fits the bill combining health, versatility, and sustainability. As the mother of all plants, foods made with algae deliver a unique set of sensory and nutritional benefits. Marks Brooks, SVP, Solazyme Food Ingredients, shares how food ingredients derived from algae can touch every type of food and fulfil a need for simple sources of nutrition.

Most known for making beer, malt is an ingredient that can enhance beverages due to its many advantages. How can manufacturers take advantage of such an ingredient? By Dr Kalayanee Poon-Asawasombat, head of cluster marketing, Asia-Pacific South, SIG Combibloc

Lesaffre Human Care is very pleased to announce that its commitment to providing innovative solutions to global health care challenges has been rewarded with the approval of a claim by the Canadian Health Authorities.

Lecithin is a multifunctional ingredient that can be used as nature’s principal emulsifying agent in the creation of instantised products or developed as functional ingredients that can combat ageing. By Andre vander Wulp, regional technical director, FIS APAC, Cargill

Dietary habits are becoming increasingly important in a world where obesity trends are on the rise. Prebiotics in particular, may be part of the solution in stopping this growing pandemic, by contributing benefits in the areas of blood glucose management, lowering BMI, and reducing caloric intake. By Christian Philippsen, MD, BENEO Asia Pacific 

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