As one of the major soft drink businesses in Australia, Schweppes Australia requires machines that can cater to flexibility in filling volume as well as beverage type. By Kurt Hofmann, MD, KHS Pacific, and Frank Hollmann, Executive VP Market Zone Asia Pacific, KHS

The KHS InnoPET Plasmax 20QS is a glass interior coating machine that can be used to process small format PET bottles with volumes ranging from 100 to 350 ml.

With an output of up to 48,000 PET bottles per hour, and together with the wafer-thin interior coating of pure glass, the machine enables manufacturers to save on material and PET processing costs. Also, the coating allows longer shelf-lives to be achieved especially for sensitive beverages; previously small bottle formats of up to 350 ml had a high volume-related gas permeability due to the adverse surface-to-volume ration, resulting in short shelf-lives.

The machine suits sensitive beverage processing applications such as juice, wine, beer and carbonated beverages.

KHS, in conjunction with Bottles and Shapes lightweighting, have introduced lightweight PET bottles.

The 0.5 litre bottles weigh 8.9 g, while the 1.5 litre containers come in at 22 g. In contrast, the conventional 0.5 litre PET bottle weighs 13 g, while the1.5 litre one weighs up to 26 g. The lighter bottles still retain the stability found in heavier bottles.

The company has developed bottle designs and preforms for both formats that will make the bottles lighter. The major cost, 70 percent, of producing PET bottles comes from the materials, leading to high cost savings.

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