Recent advances in mixer and blender designs have contributed to the growing success of food companies, meeting their requirement for consistency and developing new products while lowering production costs. By Charles Ross & Son Company

The Guedu vertical dryers provide decisive quality and productivity improvements for processors who require drying of powders for cosmetics or food applications.

Unlike hot air dryers and tray dryers, vertical dryers stir powder under vacuum, allowing for an improved drying time—by a factor 2 to 10 compared to tray dryers—and a total cycle time reduction by a similar ration as the necessary handling is reduced.

Vast savings can be made due to total cycle time reduction, as well as from improved heat transfer during drying— minimising utility costs. Further, the mechanical mixing during drying improves product homogeneity, allowing for powders to come out evenly dried.

High output bakeries depend highly on their mixers as these ultimately determine the quality of their bread products. High-speed mixers are an economical solution for bakery manufacturers looking for quality and consistent products, and a safe and clean process. By Keith Graham, marketing manager, Baker Perkins Limited

The increasingly complex and challenging recipes that consumers demand for today mean manufacturers need to adapt in order to survive. How can manufacturers improve their manufacturing methods to satisfy customers whilst balancing product quality, safety and production cost? By David Newell, general manager and director of business development for Asia Pacific region, Matcon

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