Obesity prevalence is increasing rapidly in Southeast Asia, costing the region US$10 billion, based on a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

With the international diabetes federation and world health organisation supporting sugar tax legislation, natural sweeteners could become an inevitable choice in products today. By Michelle Cheong

Weight and obesity are large global concerns today, and food and beverage manufacturers can help consumers achieve successful weight management through fortifying products with functional ingredients like fibre. By Christian Philippsen, managing director, Beneo Asia Pacific

Growing interest in personal health and awareness is driving growth in nutrition products. Weight management retail sales have increased rapidly, but developing nutritional and tasty products requires a lot of science. By Geoff Allen, MD, Synergy Thailand

Emphasising on the preventability of worldwide obesity, Dr Patricia Bragg, CEO of Bragg Live Food Products calls for all countries to be responsible and focus on education consumers on the importance of healthy nutrition.

Stevia is emerging as a major global commodity as the food industry embraces it as a natural, sweet and zero-calorie ingredient. It is fast being used in virtually every food sector, including bakery and confectionery. By Chris Peterson, communications manager, and Maria Teresa Scardigli, executive director, International Stevia Council

Consumers have high expectations when they seek food products. How can we cater to those demands whilst ensuring these foods offer the nutritional benefit consumers need as well? By Christian Philippsen, managing director, Beneo Asia Pacific

Among the increasingly health-conscious consumers, there is a portion who is also concerned about their weight. Dairy ingredients are said to be able to help manage one’s weight, but how exactly do they do this? By Elaine Drummond, PhD, Glanbia Nutritionals

Overweight and obesity are growing global concerns that should be tackled as soon and as best as possible. One solution could be through activity equivalent calorie labelling, which would open consumers’ eyes to their daily caloric intake and encourage them to make healthier choices. By Shirley Cramer CBE, chief executive, RSPH

More are calling the obesity crisis an ‘epidemic’, but what has caused this, and what needs to happen to turn it around? What can be done at the individual, government, and industry level, and how can functional foods be a game changer? By Satya S. Jonnalagadda, PHD, MBA, RD, director of Global Nutrition, Kerry; Sheelagh Pentony, marketing communications manager—Nutrition, Kerry; and Niamh O’shaughnessy, MSC, Human Nutrition graduate, University College Dublin

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