Sports nutrition consumers want fast-acting proteins in a format that’s right for them. The latest generation of whey hydrolysates offers the perfect solution. By Peter Schouw Andersen, head of science & sales development at Arla foods ingredients

Permeate is a high-lactose dairy ingredient that has been used to standardise protein and fat content by dairy manufacturers. It has also been used in food products to save costs and reduce sodium levels, or add minerals such as potassium. With its mineral properties, it could also potentially be an ingredient for sports nutrition, but would that really be feasible? By Michelle Cheong

With consumers becoming more active today, sports beverages are consequently becoming more popular. Beverage manufacturers are using innovative natural ingredients in sports drinks to give their products an extra edge. By Ieva Jurevičienė, head of NPD department, MyDrink Beverages

Valuing at US$50 billion in 2014, the global energy drinks market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.5 percent between 2015 and 2020, according to Research and Markets.

Asia is rapidly emerging as an important market for sports nutrition products. Here Efrat Kat, vice president of Marketing and Sales at Algatechnologies, looks at the reasons for its growth and suggests that manufacturers who want to stand out from the crowd should turn to a ‘secret’ natural ingredient.

Oxystorm is an extract of Amaranthus, one of the sources of nitrate in nature. Arjuna’s patent-pending production process delivers 9,000 mg per 100 g of nitrate content from the leaves of Amaranthus, which is more than the amount of nitrate from beetroot powder and beet juice.

Research has shown that an increase in nitrate levels can help improve the overall performance of people engaged in dynamic sports or other physical activities.

Offered as a powder, the nitrate is highly water-soluble and has a neutral pH, making it ideal for a range of applications, including energy bars and sport drinks. Additionally, being beet-based, products will contain relatively high amounts of inherent reducing sugars and oxalates.

Beetroot juice can help reduce muscle pain and hasten recovery, but these health effects did not involve antioxidants, a recent study published in the journal Nutrients showed.

With the health and wellness trend spreading across the food and beverage industry, there is an increasing demand for alternative ingredients such as for protein. How can manufacturers tap into the protein trend with soya protein? By Steve Mott, technical director—Proteins, ADM

With a unique nutritional profile that can give athletes an energy boost even in small quantities, algae will be ‘one of the biggest industries of the 21st century,’ predicts sports nutrition formulator Catharine Arnston.

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