PureCircle’s StarLeaf stevia extract contains over 20 times more sugar-like steviol glycoside content compared to standard stevia leaf varieties.

China’s stevia market has been growing steadily, resulting in manufacturers finding ways to capitalise local and worldwide demand, according to CMM.

PureCircle’s facility expansion will enable increased stevia production for use by food and beverage companies.

While still craving sweetness, consumers are more wary of high-sugar products that include or add artificial ingredients. Manufacturers can make use of stevia to sweeten beverages naturally and in a healthy way. By Dina Yeon, marketing manager, Sweetness Springboard, Ingredion Asia Pacific

The Paraguayan Stevia Chamber, also known as Capaste, has joined the International Stevia Council (ISC) to represent closer collaboration to the mutual benefit of famers as well as stevia extract refiners sourcing leaves from the region.

Cargill’s EverSweet sweetener offers manufacturers a solution for sweeter options that satisfy consumer health without sacrificing great taste. A zero-calorie stevia sweetener, it is made with Reb M and Reb D, the same sweetness found in the stevia leaf.

The sweetener provides consumers with a sweetness of better intensity, faster onset and improved quality, yet without the bitterness or off-note aftertaste other stevia sweeteners might give.

Produced through fermentation with baker’s yeast, the sweetener makes for not only a commercially viable product, but also one that is sustainable as it uses signifi cantly less land and emits less carbon dioxide than if it were produced through the stevia leaf.

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