With consumers becoming more active today, sports beverages are consequently becoming more popular. Beverage manufacturers are using innovative natural ingredients in sports drinks to give their products an extra edge. By Ieva Jurevičienė, head of NPD department, MyDrink Beverages


With the focus on food safety, it is time for manufacturers to fully embrace the benefits of automated processing and production technology. Sorting and analysis machinery can play a crucial role in helping companies safeguard their products. By marijke bellemans, marketing communications coordinator, Tomra sorting solutions

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Recent advances in mixer and blender designs have contributed to the growing success of food companies, meeting their requirement for consistency and developing new products while lowering production costs. By Charles Ross & Son Company

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The acquisition provides Australian equipment supplier tna with access to NID’s starch moulding technology and expands their services and products to more industry segments like confectionery.

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New research from Technavio underscores the potential for bakers and cereals processors to boost their gluten-free sales in a market hungry for innovation and value.


Millennials are an influential generation, driving the demands for high-quality and natural harder than other age populations. With competitive beverage products like fruit juice, how can manufacturers increase their appeal to such consumers? Wayne Lutomski, vice president International & Welch’s Global Ingredients Group, discusses with the example of Chinese consumers.

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AusPack is currently ongoing, having opened on 7 March 2017, and it'll be closing in two days on 10 March 2017. Visitors are encouraged to attend the packaging and processing event held at Sydney Showgrounds in Sydney, Australia.


The OCME Virgo is a rotary weight filler for edible oil that delivers high performance and efficiency. It provides a high degree of flexibility with neck and body handling options for different types of containers — PET, glass or HDPE bottles — and suits different speed requirements.

The machine ensures high filling precision thanks to advanced electronic components and algorithms. A reject system also allows the expulsion of any anomalous containers, guaranteeing the product quality.

The stainless steel enclosure and tempered glass screens guarantee a high standard of hygiene. Recovering remaining product to minimise waste, the machine achieves maximum efficiency in terms of productivity and performance for the customer.


The Easy Clean Flow magnet is a pneumatic magnetic bar that can be used to remove metal particles.

Where conventional pneumatic magnets are typically fitted with two layers of thin (25 mm) bars, the new design contains a single row of 50 mm thick bars, which enables for a higher separation yield — thicker bars remain in contact with the magnetic particles longer.

With a reduced overall height of the magnet, less installation height is required. Moreover, a single row of bars results in improved product flow; this is particularly beneficial when it comes to poorly flowing powders.


The Collagen Peptides Smart Technology (ST) by Gelita is a range of enhanced proteins that provides both physiological and technological functionalities.

These improve process performance, namely less dust during handling, fewer clumping issues during dissolution, improved wettability and higher bulk densities. For manufacturers, these help to enhance production, optimise machinability, and provide the ability to develop new and exciting products.

Potential applications include the fortification of clear, high-protein gummies with a protein content of up to 35 percent, and as a nutritious binding agent in cereal bars or coated products. The range is also non-allergenic and can be used to achieve a clean and clear label.

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