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Food and drink manufacturers are under increasing pressure to enhance the accuracy of shelf life determination. Traditional practices such as ‘short dating’ products to provide robust food safety assurance and maximise product quality are being scrutinised due to their association with unnecessary waste, paving the way for fresh approaches for manufacturers. By Isabel Campelos, senior technical advisor (food safety), Leatherhead Food Research

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In recent years, the food industry is increasingly focusing on innovative solutions to enhance its products with desired properties that have additional benefits, and plant secondary metabolites such as hydroxytyrosol are much sought after as an active agent. The only challenge lies in simplifying the production process. Simone Trautz, Business Development Manager at Wacker Biosolutions

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Asia pacific is the largest clinical nutrition market in the world and is set to sustain its tremendous growth. With many factors driving demand in the region, clinical nutrition is an area that is worth looking into. By Alina F Slotnik, Global MD, Customized Solutions, Glanbia Nutritionals

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A decade ago, cheese was a tough sell in China, but as the Chinese grew more receptive to the taste and smell of cheese, the market has developed into one with huge potential. By Dominic Morgan, Senior Editor, PR & Marketing department, CCM

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Carbohydrates are an essential food in our daily diets. More studies are now supporting the importance of reduced glycaemic response and the use of inulin and oligofructose can help achieve that as well as other health benefits. By Diederick Meyer, scientific and regulatory affairs, Sensus

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It is no easy task to reduce sugar content while maintaining shelf-life and mouth feel. Advances in sweetener technologies have helped pave the way to healthier products that the new generation consumers crave. By Melvin Yap

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Harry Boot, senior VP & GM of Specialty Food Ingredients at Tate & Lyle, takes us through his thoughts on Asia Pacific and the tremendous opportunity for growth in the speciality food ingredient business.  By Wong Tsz Hin

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Lecithin is a multifunctional ingredient that can be used as nature’s principal emulsifying agent in the creation of instantised products or developed as functional ingredients that can combat ageing. By Andre vander Wulp, regional technical director, FIS APAC, Cargill

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Tribology, a field of study that is most commonly used in the automotive industry, may be the key to unlock the mystery behind the sensory difference of reduced or zero calorie food products. By Andre Vander Wulp, regional technical director, FIS APAC, Cargill

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Dietary habits are becoming increasingly important in a world where obesity trends are on the rise. Prebiotics in particular, may be part of the solution in stopping this growing pandemic, by contributing benefits in the areas of blood glucose management, lowering BMI, and reducing caloric intake. By Christian Philippsen, MD, BENEO Asia Pacific 

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