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Omega-3 is one of the most commonly taken supplements, though the market seems to be moving away from the conventional fish oil. With krill as one of the rising sources of omega-3, what new innovations and applications are there for it? By Becky Wright, marketing director, Aker BioMarine

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Health and wellness products are all the hype these days with food and beverage companies investing into reformulation or looking for alternatives to improve their existing products. These include sugar alternatives or sweeteners to ensure all consumers can live a sweet life. By Michelle Cheong

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Health-conscious consumers want low-calorie alternatives for food and beverages and food manufacturers are rushing to meet that demand. Using tribology as an analysing tool, innovations leading to acceptable mouthfeel and texture in products have become more effective, accurate and less time-consuming.

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Food demands are becoming harder to achieve. Consumers want personalised, unique foods that have familiar mouthfeel, texture, and are nutritious. At the same time, they also expect it to be from a sustainable source and a part of the solution to solving world hunger. Food manufacturers can now meet all those demands with one technology. By Daniel van der Linden, business development manager, TNO

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Taste, smell and texture have long been associated with eating enjoyment but there is one characteristic that is yet to be fully explored: sound. The noise food makes influences perceived quality and now the latest advances in analysis technology are making it possible for manufacturers to extract this valuable data. Jo Smewing, Applications Manager, Stable Micro Systems

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Salad dressings, whipped desserts, ice cream or even mayonnaise are a big part of our lives today. However they contain an oil-in-water phase and need to be stabilised with the aid of emulsifiers. What can be used and how is it beneficial for these food applications? By Rachela Mohr, business development manager, nutrition, Wacker Biosolutions

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Asian consumers wish for colourful but natural food and beverages, revealed a global survey. Besides this, what else should food and beverage manufacturers take note of and expect for the future? By Victor Foo, general manager, GNT Singapore

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What are natural ingredients and what is the market like today? Dr Chin Kun Wang, President, International Society for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods shares more.

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Consumers are increasingly expecting baking mixes that can fulfil any requirements in terms of taste and texture, and the current baking innovations may just provide them with that. By Tadanobu Nishikawa, regional technical food marketing, and Goh Lay Kwan, regional marketing, BASF Human Nutrition (Asia Pacific)

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Food and drink manufacturers are under increasing pressure to enhance the accuracy of shelf life determination. Traditional practices such as ‘short dating’ products to provide robust food safety assurance and maximise product quality are being scrutinised due to their association with unnecessary waste, paving the way for fresh approaches for manufacturers. By Isabel Campelos, senior technical advisor (food safety), Leatherhead Food Research

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