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Quick belt changes, thorough cleaning and safe operation: Habasit, the leading provider of conveyor and processing belts, timing belts and power transmission belts.

The focus lies on conveyor solutions for the food industry, such as the product line HabasitLINK® Micropitch modular belts which considerably simplifies maintenance and cleaning of belts with the new closure system Saniclip, or the easy clean monolithic Habasit CleandriveTM belt generation. Further highlights include the HabaSYNC® timing belts with the mechanical Hinge Joint connection as well as the HabaCHAIN® slat and conveyor chains.

Maintaining Hygiene

Hygiene is of particular importance for packaging processes during food production. Food quality and safety for the consumer largely depend on the configuration and technology standard in processing, which makes them the most sensitive goods to be conveyed in the area of materials handling. Conveyor technology solutions therefore play a central role. Conveyor belts especially have a key role, as they are ‘in contact’ with goods, have to precisely deliver for processing and have to be robust against mechanical and chemical stress.

An important subject during operation is cleanliness and hygiene. Thorough regular cleaning alone is not enough. Hygiene regulations must be adhered to uncompromisingly, when choosing machines and components, during production and also during cleaning of conveyor lines. Here, Habasit sets high standards with the modular belt range HabasitLINK® Micropitch and the patent pending closure system Saniclip. The new innovative system allows for extremely simple maintenance processes and thorough cleaning, as Saniclip allows an opening and removing of modular belts from the line within seconds.

Tests have proved that Saniclip works reliably even in humid or greasy environments as well as in areas with great temperature fluctuations. Thorough cleaning processes and belt changes are possible in a short time-span without tools. Long downtime periods are now a thing of the past.


Blue For Food Transport

The new closure technology is currently available for the belt types Micropitch M0870, M0873 and M0885, which offer different surfaces and structures for different transport uses – from smooth or slip-proof to a grid structure. The blue Micropitch modular belts enable safe transport even in small spaces thanks to their constructive properties and manage even the smallest transitions without any jerking. They can be moved even over the smallest transfer edges with a diameter of 6mm. The belts are made from high-strength plastics (POM) and are resistant to high temperatures. They allow transport speeds of up to 60m/min. The Micropitch belts have proved their worth, for example in packaging processes in bakery and meat processing plants.

Habasit also chose the colour blue for the belt generation Habasit CleandriveTM, which was developed for the support of sensitive hygiene applications in the food industry. The positive driven belts offer considerable advantages for hygiene sensitive production processes. The belts boast a completely smooth surface, with a cross webbed back structure which perfectly adapts to the special gears, in order to guarantee positive drive and reliable belt performance. The Habasit CleandriveTM belts have a smooth, completely homogeneous belt surface and offer optimum cleaning possibilities.

Habasit developed the concept HyCLEAN CIP for transport applications in the food industry, which links the core competencies of different transport belt variations (coated fabrics and homogeneous materials, extruded and injection moulded) as well as accessories and cleaning procedures. This allows for higher hygiene and product safety, as well as a lowering of water consumption and a reduction of cleaning costs, ideally complementing the Habasit CleandriveTM belts.

Also in the field of fabric based transport belts, the market oriented belt manufacturer is following the ‘blue belt trend’ and has expanded its product range with its own blue belt varieties, which also comply to the high demands of the food industry not just in colour but also with their other properties, and possess the necessary certifications.

Through additional edge sealing or edge protection, belt hygiene can be further optimised and the life span of belts can be considerably improved, especially with frequent cleaning.


Precise In transport, Simple In Maintenance

A further major product for packaging applications are the timing belts from the HabaSYNC® series. This product range also offers a wide choice of types. Their constructive properties and special coatings fulfil the food industry’s strict requirements. They are used in filling lines, converting machines or packaging lines in order to position products precisely and free from slippage. In order to carry out their tasks, the timing belts have precisely manufactured belt teeth, which mesh into fitting discs with the same gearing.

In order to guarantee the accuracy of the belt run during applications in which a lateral or vertical load shifts the timing belt, belt arrangements made from thermoplastic polyurethane can additionally be attached on the belt teeth side. Thanks to the mechanical end compound HabaSYNC® Hinge Joint, the timing belts offer considerable benefits in the area of maintenance costs. Time intensive assembly operations and belt changes can be done carried out considerably quicker than with conventional connection methods and therefore clearly reduce downtime and changeover costs. The complete integration into the belt body means that no gaps emerge, and driver and coating can be used up continuously.

The various coating options offered by Habasit also play an important role for packaging processes. The manufacturer offers a wide range of coatings for timing belts, which for create the required friction coefficient in order to handle products safely, and so that they are indexed correctly. Through additional processing steps such as milling or punching, belts and coatings can be further adapted to individual requirements and can be optimally configured. This way, they guarantee a reliable and synchronised product transport for a range of application areas in the food and packaging industry.


Slat And Conveyor Chains

HabaCHAIN® slat and conveyor chains complete the portfolio for packaging technology which is being presented to trade show visitors in Düsseldorf. These are available in straight and curved executions and run on almost all systems and sprockets available on the market. They are fully compatible with industry standards, making them ideal for retrofitting.

Habasit Group - A one-stop shop with the world’s broadest range of belting products

Habasit, headquartered in Switzerland, is the leading company worldwide for conveyor belts, processing belts and power transmission belts for the food, textile, wood, paper, postal, materials handling and automotive industries. The extensive product range includes fabric-based conveyor belts, plastic modular belts and chains, power transmission belts, timing belts and gearmotors.

Habasit has over 30 affiliated companies, more than 70 representatives, and numerous service centers around the globe, ensuring excellent proximity to its customers. Our more than 3,300 employees provide customers with expert advice, products of the highest quality, and comprehensive, tailor-made solutions.

Habasit is a family-owned joint stock corporation established in 1946. In 2011, the company achieved turnover of CHF 598.3 million.

At Habasit, we are dedicated to optimizing our customers’ process performance results. Tailor-made belting products from Habasit go further, with all-in-one solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency. The Habasit name stands for outstanding products, optimal processing results, and a global network of over 300 partners delivering fast and professional support and service whenever and wherever it is required.

For further information, please visit us at or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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