For its filling operation, koning drinks prioritises flexibility, safety, dependability, and top quality—which is why they opted for a dry aseptic line from krones to improve their operations. By Fritz Roels, account manager, Krones Belgium.


As the global food supply chain becomes increasingly complex, the challenges of safeguarding our food supply have increased. Here, we take a look at food fraud in a global context, and some possible solutions especially with regard to Asia where food safety has a global impact due to growing food exports, convoluted supply chains and under-developed traceability systems. By Peter Bracher, managing director, NSF International Asia-Pacific.

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With consumers’ increasing demand for more healthful products, it is essential that food and beverages on the market that claim this, such as those with antioxidants, are truly healthful. By Vincent Candrawinata, conjoint fellow of the University of Newcastle, Australia, and founder of Renovatio Bioscience.

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Fiji’s Ministry of Agriculture has allocated a FJ$1 million (US$493,000) budget to support the Fijian ginger industry.

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The number of manufacturers in Asia Pacific supporting a fully connected factory would nearly triple by 2022, according to a study commissioned by Zebra Technologies—a manufacturer of marking, tracking and computer printing technologies.


tna’s energy-efficient fan—the Ferguson ener-freeze 3—reduces energy consumption by more than 30 percent as compared to the previous version. The fan is able to freeze a variety of potato products in different shapes, including sticks, cubes and wedges in a uniform manner.

It has centrifugal fans with curved blades to optimise the airflow underneath the belt, resulting in even air velocity over the product for a high heat transfer rate and even fluidisation across the entire width of the belt. The fan curve has almost 100 percent spare static pressure to minimise the effects of production fluctuations.


Taiyo’s whole green coffee helps to reduce and stabilise blood glucose levels and can act as an appetite suppressant. The powder contains caffeine and a wide variety of other valuable coffee bean components, such as chloro¬genic acids, antioxidants, minerals and dietary fibres.

The ingredient delivers sustained caffeine release and offers a continuous supply of caffeine for a period of six to eight hours, without the associated side-effects of jitters or rapid heartbeat. It can be used on a variety of food formulations—such as breakfast cereals, beverages, and dietary supplements such as protein powders and capsules.

The ingredient is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and can be labelled as ‘natural’ and ‘gentle’ on energy products.


Gericke’s heavy duty modular rotary valves will make the transition to a modular system. This will enable reduced lead times of product and spares, improved spares stocking, and peplicast casting as standard as compared to the previous version.

The rotary valve features a metering device, airlock, explosion containment, flame barrier and system isolation. It is suitable for gravity, positive pressure and vacuum conveying systems, and can be used on powders, granules, pellets, grain, feed and chips. It also has over 15,000 different configurations that can be adapted to suit different types of applications.


Hayssen Flexible Systems’ vertical form-fill-seal bagger—DoyZip 380—is suitable for packaging snacks, confectionery and bakery items.

The packaging system can produce the complete range of bag formats—pillow, gusseted, block-bottom, quad four-corner seal, and three-side seal. The system features high-speed intermittent-motion technology and precision film control that can handle polyethylene and laminate multilayer films. It also has an icon-based interface with a colour touchscreen and remote-control capability.

The production rate of the machine is up to 100 bags per minute depending on bag format and size.


Complementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with a manufacturing execution system (MES) offers several opportunities to increase the return on investment through better supply chain visibility and decision support, increased business agility, higher operational efficiency and asset performance, and more. Keith Chambers director, operations & execution systems, Schneider Electric Software shares more.

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