The growing number of food-borne incidents have raised consumer awareness and applied pressure on hotels, restaurants and food manufacturers to ensure food safety. This can be achieved with a food safety management system that checks against all possible sources of contamination. By Sandy Bucao, GM, Intertek Group

Asia should be poised to become the major exporter of value-added foods and food ingredients into North America. However, there are cultural barriers between Asia and North American markets that must be addressed before one can effective penetrate in this market. By Daniel Best, president, Best Vantage
Growing concerns over poor diet and obesity have seen increased efforts in creating front-of-package labels that are accurate and easy to understand. As history has shown, this may be easier said than done. By Dr Christina A. Roberto, Harvard School of Public Health
With the industry being more vigilant about identifying potential contamination sources across the entire product chain, food grade lubricants are slowly getting the spotlight. Modern lubricants are able to enhance machine performance and eliminate unwanted safety risks. By EM Stempfel, global product manager, Fuchs Lubritech
Product inspection is becoming more critical than ever in the global food supply chain. The choice of the two dominant technologies—metal detection and x-ray—is a matter of finding the best fit for the application. By Neil Giles, marketing communications manager, Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection
The ongoing demands by both consumers and the major supermarkets for improvements in quality, consistency and value has led to significant changes in the way products are produced and packaged. While we may be aware of the benefits that packaging materials and concepts bring to improving shelf life, the role which automation plays is often understated. By Bob Hinchcliffe, MD, Quasar Automation
The risk of slip, trip and fall injuries are more prevalent in food and drink industries than most other industries. Some simple measures can go a long way in eliminating preventable hazards and ensuring the safety of your valuable workforce. By Aloysius Lim, product specialist, Brady Corp Asia
With far flung consequences, it is the onus of the entire food industry to ensure that food safety is maintained. Contamination, be it chemical or biological, can be minimised by measures taken in the kitchen. By Sherlyne Yong

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