Frutarom Food Protection Business Unit’s organic rosemary extract prevents oxidation and increases shelf-life of foods and beverages by incorporating its active ingredients—carnosic and rosmarinic acids—into food and drink formulation.

Rosemary is a plant with anti-oxidative benefits and it can be used as natural protection from free-radical damage. Carnosic and rosemarinic acids can be concentrated naturally to yield the full variety of rosemary extract ingredients.

The company’s oxidation management solutions utilise multiple rosemary extracts and can create tailor-made solutions to address customer needs.

Consumers found little difference between white chocolate containing prebiotics, goji berry and/or sugar alternatives, and the control sample.

Alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and lycopene can be added to dietary supplements to reduce risk Parkinson’s disease.

Agricultural tomato wastes can be recycled to produce nutrient-rich extract for the food and feed industries, according to a team of Portugese researchers.

Beetroot juice can help reduce muscle pain and hasten recovery, but these health effects did not involve antioxidants, a recent study published in the journal Nutrients showed.

Frutarom’s NutraT is a line of ready-to-use soluble powder formulas that dissolve easily in water, soft drinks and dairy products. Once dissolved, beverages stay clear, without turbidity, and deliver a fresh flavour.

These antioxidants offer water and soft drink manufacturers the ability to fortify their products with natural extracts that are typically not water-soluble, such as those from olives, artichokes, or citrus, enabling manufacturers to develop functional products with new flavours.

The antioxidants are produced using sustainable sources, heat stable up to 70 deg C, and both Kosher and Halal certified.

Preservation has long been critical to meat processors and today, shelf¬-life is top of the agenda. Consumers are demanding for more natural solutions than artificial ones to keep meat fresh and reduce waste, and one such solution is through lactates natural, clean label ingredients. By Lonneke Van Dijk, category manager—Meat & Poultry, Corbion

Glucoraphanin found in broccoli is a super anti-oxidant, but how can one benefit from it if one does not like or cannot eat broccoli? By Tony Talalay, CEO and co-founder of Brassica Protection Products

An international team of experts led by Newcastle University has shown that organic crops are up to 60 percent higher in a number of key antioxidants than conventionally-grown ones and are found to have much lower levels of toxic heavy metals.

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