High output bread bakeries can now achieve excellent quality economically thanks to developments in mixing and forming technology that focus on gentle dough handling. New ideas also bring added value and variety options for the standard loaf. By Keith Graham, marketing manager, Baker Perkins

High output bakeries depend highly on their mixers as these ultimately determine the quality of their bread products. High-speed mixers are an economical solution for bakery manufacturers looking for quality and consistent products, and a safe and clean process. By Keith Graham, marketing manager, Baker Perkins Limited

The ServoForm Jelly process allows the manufacturing of complex three-dimensional (3D) shapes at high outputs of up to 1,000 kg/hour and low production costs. Using a new carrier design with clip-in moulds, the system allows for rapid low-cost product change through simple replacement of moulds.

The system can therefore simultaneously produce a wide range of products of multiple shapes and colours. Air ejection from the mould is used, and on top of being more hygienic than standard brush-based ejection systems, this method ensures that the product remains undamaged.

Baker Perkins has introduced a new sheeting technology that uses a twin-screw extruder with an innovative wide-slot die to produce the thin sheet of dough directly feeding a rotary cutter.

Extrusion sheeting reduces the capital investment needed for a snack cracker line and the floor space required. The lines are simple to operate due to fewer units, which result in significant reductions in cleaning time and maintenance costs.

The system is suitable for any type of baked or fried snack that is cut from a sheet of dough, and replaces the mixer, dough feed, sheeter and gauge rolls.

The TruBake direct convention modular oven by Baker Perkins provides bakery manufacturers with efficiency, hygiene and quality.

Featuring a high capacity fan to maintain the volume and velocity of air flow for stable, consistent baking, and with a burner turndown ratio of up to 20:1, the oven is suitable for a wide range of bakery products from soft brownies to crackers. The oven also features stainless steel covers and improved access for cleaning so as to enhance hygiene. It also includes one inspection door per zone and clean out ports at the top and bottom plenums.

Manufactured with laser cutting and CAD, the oven has improved tolerances against uneven expansion and leakage.

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