Desserts and indulgent foods are high on the average consumer’s daily ‘want to eat’ list, but people usually forego these with the desire to be healthy. However, with healthier sugars, consumers can still indulge in sweet treats without feeling guilty. By Christian Philippsen, managing director, Beneo Asia pacific

Recent global estimates show that the worldwide prevalence of obesity more than doubled between 1980 and 2014. To contain the issue of overweight/obesity, health programmes directed at weight management over the years have consistently placed the spotlight on the importance of dietary control among consumers. By BENEO

Weight and obesity are large global concerns today, and food and beverage manufacturers can help consumers achieve successful weight management through fortifying products with functional ingredients like fibre. By Christian Philippsen, managing director, Beneo Asia Pacific

Beneo Asia Pacific managing director Christian Philippsen brings us through what we can expect of Asia’s food industry in 2017, and highlights the major trends shaping the region’s food sector.

Functional ingredients manufacturer Beneo has opened a new office in Delhi, India. Having been in Asia for over 15 years, the company aims for a closer cooperation with local distributors with this opening.

Beneo GmbH has appointed Christoph Boettger to the company’s executive board of directors. He will lead in all areas of operations including technical affairs, raw material, product safety and quality, in addition to the Beneo-Technology Centre.

Beneo has launched Remypure, a functional native rice starch that has high stability during processing and performs well even under harsh processing conditions such as low pH, high temperature or high shear. It can therefore suit applications that undergo demanding processing conditions including retorted sauces, baby food jars, dairy desserts, and fruit preparations.

The rice starch has a clean taste, and improves both shelf-life stability and texture of products. Available in a range of variants, it can meet customer requirements for creamy or soft textures.

In addition, the thermal production process for the rice starch is entirely natural, qualifying it for a natural and clean label status, which manufacturers can use to appeal to and cater to consumer demands.

Beneo has designed a new Isomalt translucent gum coating technology, which utilises a sugar replacer that crystallises translucently.

The translucent quality the coating possesses enables gum manufacturers to produce multi-coloured gum centres to be coated in a crunchy and translucent way. The colours, as well as added print and sparkle effects are now available, due to the coating technology.

Gum that is coated with the translucent product has both crunch and good flavour release, and also prevents any chipping or cracking during production.

With obesity and health problems exacerbated by unhealthy eating becoming greater concerns, how can manufacturers continue to support consumers’ sweet cravings in a healthier way? By Christian Philippsen, managing director, Beneo Asia Pacific

Globalisation has opened our world to the diverse platform it is today, and Asia, as one of the most enchanting markets, is attracting even once domestic-oriented companies from sophisticated countries like Europe and Japan. What should companies know about doing business in Asia? Christian Philippsen, managing director at Beneo Asia Pacific, and Masanao Nishida, director at Oishii Japan, give their thoughts. By Michelle Cheong

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