Manufacturers are always looking for newer and more innovative ways to meet consumers' demands for convenience, and it looks like they have found a really unique way: edible water bottles.

The new Ecolean Air Aseptic 125 ml provides manufacturers with the following properties: ease of use, shelf differentiation, and minimal impact on the environment. Being aseptic, the packaging overcomes the limitations of refrigerated distribution.

Despite being lightweight and thin, the multilayer structure protects the content with extended light and oxygen barriers.

In line with the Air Aseptic range, this lightweight packaging with its unique and eye-catching shape suits it for the display of products such as white milk, flavoured milk, drinking yoghurts, juice drinks, nectars, ice tea, etc.

Available now in 125 ml, consumers now can carry their favourite beverages around and consume them on-the-go.

Consumers’ lives are becoming more fast-paced, increasing the demand for convenient meals and snacks. Amidst the strong competition in asia, how can food manufacturers provide added benefits that will enhance consumers’ on-the-go lives, rather than just meeting their basic needs? By Jai Rastogi, vice president, Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions, APMEA, Havi Global Solutions

Doehler released its new Liquid Food & Beverage Enhancers, water enhancers that infuse various beverages such as tea, coffee, beer and even water with a unique taste.

The product includes calorie-free enhancers in a variety of flavours, more natural product variants based on fruit juice concentrates and enhancers that are more health-oriented. The enhancers are stored in PET bottles allowing consumers to carry their favourite flavours with them anywhere and everywhere. These bottles are also ‘squeezy’, enabling consumers to squeeze the content out in a quick and functional manner and create their own personalised beverages in an instant on-the-go.

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