For the best and most stable yoghurts to captivate consumers, you need the tailored texturant that takes proteins in hand, matches your process and meets market demands. Angie Ng, regional product manager, Dupont nutrition & health, Malaysia, shares more on this.

The concept of frozen dough and par-baking has shifted the economics of freshly baked bread, but can they match the perception of freshness and common characteristics that consumers readily look for when buying pastry products?  By Xue Si-Ying, bakery group innovation manager and application specialist, DuPont nutrition & health

The two new DuPont Danisco Choozit brand cheese cultures are specifically designed to optimise production and consistently produce high-quality soft-ripened cheese.

Soft-ripened cheese often has a nice and stable white surface and soft texture which consumers look for, and while cheese manufacturers want to satisfy these consumer desires, they also want to maintain a high throughput level.

The Choozit ST 20 cultures offer direct vat inoculation in the milk with an early and controlled acidification to achieve desired cheese texture, and the Choozit PC Fast cultures offer more rapid development of stable white rind, enabling packaging to begin earlier.

Completing its switch to 100% certified sustainable palm oil and palm oil derivatives for its global emulsifier production, the company has fulfilled its pledge to convert all of its palm-based raw materials to certified sources by the end of 2015.

DuPont announced the opening of its ASEAN headquarters in Singapore, designed as a science and technology hub that is part of the company’s efforts to enhance its competitive advantage in an important growth market.

DuPont has introduced the Alphase Advance 4000, a new brewing enzyme that quickens the production of beer. The enzyme is a robust solution used to reduce or completely eliminate diacetyl during beer fermentation, ensuring beer quality while optimising production capacity and decreasing energy consumption.

Diacetyl, which develops naturally during beer fermentation, is thought to have a butterscotch flavour that is considered undesirable. Brewers usually extend the maturation period so the diacetyl is broken down to flavour-neural compounds, but the challenge then is predicting the rate of diacetyl reduction.

The enzyme solves the issue by preventing the generation of diacetyl during formation, shortening the maturation period considerably.

DuPont and The Dow Chemical Company will form DowDuPont, and the merger transaction is expected to close in the second half of 2016.

The DuPont board of directors has announced their new chairman and chief executive officer (CEO), Edward D. Breen, who has served as interim chair and CEO of the board since 16 October 2015.

DuPont announced that it will establish a new innovation and business headquarters in Singapore. The 11,000 sq m facility will open in 2016, housing nearly 200 scientists, engineers and business leaders, and will focus on delivering new innovations tailored to meet the needs of the ASEAN marketplace.

With the kit, Dahi manufacturers only need to select cultures from it to cater to their customers.

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