Ongoing consumer demand for ‘optimal nutrition’ and more personalisation is spurring new product innovations. Arwika Ussahatanon, food and communications specialist, explains.

The Asia-Pacific region will be seeing a dramatic increase in the number of elderly come 2050, and with that will follow a tidal wave of age-related diseases and problems. Prevention is always better than treatment, especially for diseases like osteoporosis, so it is vital we start now. By Judy Stenmark, B. Sc, MPH, chief executive officer, International Osteoporosis Foundation

Tailoring the nutrition in food becomes a balancing act when it comes to elderly nutrition. What are some of the requirements? By Alie Coppolella, quality assurance and technical development manager, Azelis UK Food and Health

The global elderly population is increasing today with medical advancement and healthier living. What should manufacturers be aware of when catering their products to the silver generation? By Dr Catherine Renard, senior scientist, INRA

As the numbers of elderly increase everywhere around the world year by year, the consumer market is seeing a rise in senior nutrition products to cater to the senior consumers. Fermentation could help manufacturers better cater to the needs of the silver generation. Dr Bejit Ideas shares more. By Michelle Cheong

The world is facing an inevitable ageing population, which will likely spike up national spending on medical expenses. What can manufacturers do to help the elderly age well? By Michelle Cheong

No one can stop ageing, and since it is the inevitable, why not ensure that as we age, we age well? Functional foods could be one way to healthy ageing. By Michelle Cheong

The Silent Generation and Baby Boomers make up the fastest growing consumer markets in the world. However, food and beverage manufacturers have barely scratched the surface in this market sphere. Why and how should one venture into this overlooked market? By Jane Rochstad-Lim

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