Consumers today are demanding for cleaner labels, but what is meant by that, what do consumers expect, and how can manufacturers cater to this demand? By Donna Richardson, PR and public affairs manager, Aquaculture Stewardship Council (Contractor)

Broccoli has recently experienced a resurgence of interest in the medical community, thanks to a series of studies that found correlation between broccoli and a reduced risk of cancer.

Happiness can mean different things to different people, such as wealth, having a job or family, or being able to eat things you like. Happiness can also mean health, and for the foodies, what is happiness when you cannot eat what you want because of a poor stomach? How can we maintain gastrointestinal health in order to eat what we want, when we want? By Michelle Cheong

The technological revolution is slowly overtaking all the industries, including that of food and beverage. Offering improved efficiency in operations and resource planning among others, the cloud presents an increasingly viable solution for food and beverage manufacturers to cope with the dynamic changes of the industry. By Helen Masters, vice president, ASEAN, Infor

The world is facing an inevitable ageing population, which will likely spike up national spending on medical expenses. What can manufacturers do to help the elderly age well? By Michelle Cheong

Health and wellness products are all the hype these days with food and beverage companies investing into reformulation or looking for alternatives to improve their existing products. These include sugar alternatives or sweeteners to ensure all consumers can live a sweet life. By Michelle Cheong

Competition can be fierce in the business sector, especially for coffee companies from countries whose neighbours are among the largest coffee producers in the world. How exactly can one stand out amongst larger competitors? Vijayandran Joseph, general manager, Food Ingredients Division, Super Group, shares more with APFI on this. By Michelle Cheong

Enjoying high consumer awareness, the backing of an EFSA Article 13.1 health claim, and regularly the subject of studies designed to unlock its full potential, vitamin C remains firmly associated with positive health benefits. What has recent research gleaned of the vitamin’s role in enhancing immune response, and how can it be incorporated into our foods? By Professor Manfred Eggersdorfer, senior vice-president, Nutrition Science & Advocacy, DSM

Smallholder farmers, farmers who only own an average of half to two hectares of land, produce the largest percentage of the world’s food. Yet, majority of them are also among the poorest globally. What can authorities do to improve their stand, and thereby secure our food for the future? By Michelle Cheong

China’s amended Food Safety Law entered into force on 1 October 2015. Since the passage of the Law in late April, its severity and harshness has been the centerpiece of numerous media reports and news articles. But how exactly has the law changed and how can manufacturers involved in Chinese businesses ensure they adhere to it? By David J. Ettinger, Jenny Li, Mark Thompson and Yun Chen, Keller and Heckman LLP

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