In the dynamic food and beverage industry, manufacturers constantly need to not only cope with increasing consumer demands, but also keep up with the latest trends and continuously innovate to retain consumer interest. Packaging is literally the face of a product and brand, so what can manufacturers do to keep their products in the eye of consumers? By Ryan Nowak, senior director, packaging technology integrated solutions APMEA, Havi global solutions

Consumers expect to be provided with concrete details about the foods they buy, enabling them to decide which foods are safe to purchase and consume, according to a study by Tuv Sud.

The health and wellness trend is thriving worldwide today. ‘Vegan’, ‘vegetarian’, ‘plant-based’ are just some terms being seen more commonly on labels, but what do these all mean? How can manufacturers better label their products to grab the right consumers’ attention? By Dr George M Jacobs, & Dr Nicolas Greliche, learning support teachers, James Cook University Singapore, Subramaniam Jayavel, researcher, government engagement team, Animal Allies Singapore.

Legislations governing food labelling are becoming increasingly stringent, putting pressure on beverage manufacturers to produce clearer and more accurate information on products. Vision inspection technology can be one solution to ensure all label elements are in place to meet regulation standards. By Stephen Dryer, product manager, Mettler-Toledo CI Vision

To help Australians find out more about where their food comes from, new country of origin food labelling laws have come into effect in Down Under.

Overweight and obesity are growing global concerns that should be tackled as soon and as best as possible. One solution could be through activity equivalent calorie labelling, which would open consumers’ eyes to their daily caloric intake and encourage them to make healthier choices. By Shirley Cramer CBE, chief executive, RSPH

The clarity of front-of-pack claims can increase consumers’ brand preference and communicate added value, according to a recent GNT study that gives insights into consumers’ perception of food colourings and labelling.

The EU introduced a new food labelling regulation at the end of 2014. How would this impact food and beverage companies and how should they react to this new change? By Maud Nauge, manager, Intertek Food Labelling Centre of Excellence

The rules also require 'no gluten', 'free of gluten' and 'without gluten' claims to meet the definition of 'gluten-free'.

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