Toyo Ink has launched the Elex-one series of electron beam (EB) curable flexo inks which are volatile organic compounds (VOC) free, making it an ideal solution for food-safe flexible and carton packaging applications.

EB flexo inks do not evaporate or volatise on the printing press, so the ink does not change in consistency during processing. Since ink curing does not occur on the plate, stable print quality can be achieved even over long runs. Free of solvents or photoinitiators, these inks are further non-hazardous and can be used for food packaging materials and sanitary products.

The VOC-free solution provides all these, while maintaining high print quality and performance results required of EB flexo inks.

In a world whose future is threatened by food insecurity, it is vital we capitalise on minimising food loss and waste now. How can we do this? By Onat Bayraktar, vice president, Food Care Asia, Sealed Air

Innovia Films has expanded its portfolio of peelable Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films, the Propafilm RCP, which is now available in 52 and 60 microns. The food packaging film range now includes heavy duty, high barrier and snap wrap options as well.

With an easy-to-open seal, the film can be used by consumers of all ages as no excessive force, scissors or sharp implements are required.

Despite being easy to open, the film largely reduces product spillage that often comes with tearing of packages in traditional films. Resealing is therefore now an option when a label is applied.

Sourcing all your packing line equipment from one supplier can help boost performance and profitability. By Torsten Giese, marketing manager, PR and exhibitions, Ishida Europe

Consumers’ lives are becoming more fast-paced, increasing the demand for convenient meals and snacks. Amidst the strong competition in asia, how can food manufacturers provide added benefits that will enhance consumers’ on-the-go lives, rather than just meeting their basic needs? By Jai Rastogi, vice president, Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions, APMEA, Havi Global Solutions

Supplier of packaging products Crown Holdings has appointed Robert H. Bourque, Jr. as the new president of Crown Asia Pacific.

Kyle Thomas, strategic business unit (SBU) manager at Eagle Product Inspection, looks at the rising popularity of metalised film as a packaging format and the increased need for x-ray inspection as a result.

The two companies will work together for the production and marketing of furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA) and polyethylenefuranoate (PEF), new materials that improve food packaging films and plastic bottles.

In the dynamic food and beverage industry, manufacturers constantly need to not only cope with increasing consumer demands, but also keep up with the latest trends and continuously innovate to retain consumer interest. Packaging is literally the face of a product and brand, so what can manufacturers do to keep their products in the eye of consumers? By Ryan Nowak, senior director, Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions APMEA, Havi Global Solutions

The demand for liquid dairy products has been growing, especially in developing markets. The conversion towards plastic bottles can create a more convenient consumer experience without compromising on product integrity. By Max Duclot, zone senior aseptic specialist & senior dairy officer, Sidel

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