In any business, it is vital to use the most efficient equipment and upgrades should have as little downtime as possible. Carola-Ribeauville was helped by Gebo Cermex to achieve this. By Jean-Marc Passemard, external communication manager, Gebo Cermex

Gebo’s new OptiFeed cap feeder platform features a kinematic set-up which allows for individual handling of each bottle cap or crown.

Capable of handling up to 80,000 caps per hour, this modular platform comprises four modules: the cap hopper, the “Waterfall” cap guiding system, the cap distribution and elevation system, and the extender arm to allow height to be adjusted to fit the required connection point.

The configuration separates the positioning and elevating functions, reducing the total height of the Waterfall cap orientation system to just 2.1 m, allowing operators to access the machinery from the ground level.

Caps are extracted from the Waterfall unit by a servo-motor powered belt, then lifted up to the bottle capping machine individually. Gravity then carries the caps over to the capper.

The VersaFilm by Gebo Cermex has now been boosted by new developments. The Eco Tunnel kit is an optional feature for manufacturers looking to make their production processes more economical as the independent automation module that can fit existing installations enables up to 40 percent savings in energy.

Another retrofittable feature is an auto-splice system that guarantees quality of seals and increases production efficiency and reduces risk of breakage. With these optional features that can easily be fit onto manufacturers’ present machines, the new developments can boost efficiency and enable cost savings.

Gebo has merged with Cermex to form Gebo Cermex, offering a range of industrial solution.

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