Fermentation can reduce the negative effects of bran on final cereal products. In fulfilling gluten free requirements, fermented brown rice flor has shown great promise as a functional ingredient that can improve the quality of rice products. By Muna Ilowefah, Chiemela Chinma, Jamilah Bakar, Hasanah M. Ghazali, Kharidah Muhammad and Mohammad Makeri, Universiti Putra Malaysia

The global gluten-free products market is expected to reach US$33.05 billion by 2025, according to Grand View Research Incorporated.

The GFCO audits will be conducted by SGS qualified auditors together with SGS’s food safety certification audits, or as a stand-alone service.

Researchers from Hiroshima University in Japan have developed natural, gluten-free bread that has the airy texture of wheat-flour bread without using additives or gums.

New research from Technavio underscores the potential for bakers and cereals processors to boost their gluten-free sales in a market hungry for innovation and value.

More consumers have recently been embarking on the health and wellness trend, increasing the demand for healthier products. The rise of organic and gm-free foods comes amid this growing trend, and 2015 was the year in which ‘free from’ truly became mainstream. By Lu Ann Williams, director of innovation, Innova Market Insights

Gluten-free products, previously positioned only for gluten-intolerant consumers, are often perceived as less tasteful. However, with new production processes, companies are now enlarging the spectrum of gluten-free products with those that taste similar to traditional plain flour products. By Pascal Philibert, managing director, Philibert Savours

With the plant proteins and gluten-free ingredients from Harvest Innovations, Archer Daniels Midland Company has increased its ability to cater to the current consumer trends of the market.

The FDA has published a final rule regarding 'gluten-free' claims that all products labelled after August 5, 2014, have to comply to.

The gluten-free market has caught the imagination of health conscious consumers and has been expanding steadily. Whey isolates offer an alternative to gluten-free recipes that helps overcome traditional limitations. By Craig Sherwin, director of Protein Technology Center, Davisco Foods

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