Nine out of ten consumers believe food companies have a responsibility in ensuring consumers have a healthy diet, according to public relations agency Ingredient Communications.

Crisp Sensation has launched five new variants of its crumb coating, which retains its crunch for up to three hours in regular holding units.

The home-style crumb is a mix of different crumb sizes that gives food a homemade feel. The wholegrain crumb is made for health-conscious consumers, the tempura crumb has a thin and light coating, the cornflakes coating has bigger and flatter crumbs, and lastly the southern-fried coating replicates the US style for chicken drumsticks and nuggets.

The crumb coatings are suitable for various types of food, which include meat and fish nuggets, mozzarella sticks, and sweet treats. They can be used for home snacking products, and also for restaurants, catering, convenience stores and food service providers.

As our lifestyles become more hectic every day, people demand for an energy source that gives them a boost between meals, while working, driving long distances, or studying. But how can we ensure these are healthy options as well? By Ieva Jurevičienė, head of NPD, MyDrink Beverages

Fermented foods have been recognised for centuries as healthy and tasty. Beyond that, what do you get in fermenting medicinal herbs? Symbiotic fermentation of botanicals broadens the spectrum of health benefits in comparison to concentrated extracts, increases the bioavailability of active compounds and creates new nutrients that help to support a healthy gut. By Chantale Houle, Kefiplant

Asked about the role of food, 66 percent of respondents say they attach great importance to healthy and natural choices.

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