Recent global estimates show that the worldwide prevalence of obesity more than doubled between 1980 and 2014. To contain the issue of overweight/obesity, health programmes directed at weight management over the years have consistently placed the spotlight on the importance of dietary control among consumers. By BENEO

The Stabimuls M30 NOS integrated compound allows manufacturers to replace fat in low-fat products, especially mayonnaise, without needing to add starch so as to maintain product texture, as is usually the case.

Based on powdered egg yolk, dairy protein, vegetable fibre and hydrocolloids, the compound can be used to make salad creams with fat contents as low as 30 percent.

This allows for manufacturers to still create a lowfat, starch-free mayonnaise that has a creamy and pleasantly light consistency with a very good mouthfeel and excellent taste.

Needing only water, seasonings, oil and vinegar, the compound is easy to use in manufacturing. Following suitable shearing, the final product can be filled and packaged.

In order to make healthy food more appetising, scientists are looking beyond tapping into taste buds. A recent study by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) showed that adding natural aromas could make food seem tastier.

As consumers take a greater interest in foods that are beneficial for their health, how can cheese manufacturers lower sodium and fat levels to meet this demand? By Sherlyne Yong

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