UK-based Matcon Limited—a provider of intermediate bulk container systems for handling powders, granules, and tablets—has appointed Andre Goodson as its new global systems director.

Choosing the right powder mixer for your business can be a daunting task. It is a significant investment to be made and the choices are endless. This article looks at some of the key things to think about when making the selection. By David Newell, general manager & director of business development for the Asia pacific region, Matcon

Israr Ghulam succeeds Stephen Ball, present managing director at the company, and will manage his duties alongside his other position as finance and site director of Gast Europe, also part of Idex Corporation.

Dealing with increasing standards and regulations, the need for high hygiene levels and the handling of allergens is key for food processing companies today. The right technology can revolutionise profitability and the agility of manufacturing. By David Newell, general manager & director, business development, Asia-Pacific, Matcon

Stephen Ball succeeds Dave Cooper for the position of managing director.

Food allergies are probably the most frightening forms of allergic reaction, with symptoms ranging from very mild to severest form, anaphylaxis. Guaranteeing food safety is becoming increasingly difficult in the context of changing food habits and globalisation of supply. In light of this, what can manufacturers do to minimise the risk of allergen contamination? By David Newell, general manager & director of Business Development Asia Pacific Region, Matcon

Infant nutrition pre-mixing which involves different recipes and minor and micro ingredients can be a tricky task, but the use of the right equipment can ensure efficiency to the process. By Hans Petterson, group sales director, Matcon

A German ingredient manufacturer is taking the first step in creating presence in the lucrative China market. Knowing that the initial production volume would be small, it is important for the company to find machinery that can be scaled easily. By Hans Pettersson, group business development director, Matcon

Matcon’s ‘Track-Record’ is an IBC tracking and recipe control system for use in powder processing.

Flexible, IBC-based systems minimise the risk of cross contamination between different recipes and allow several different recipes to be produced simultaneously. There are several suppliers of complex MES-packages which can be further developed to include IBC tracking and recipe control on a bespoke, case by case basis.

The purpose-made software package is designed to provide total control of operations in powder processing system. Apart from quality assurance, the software also provides improved plant output and efficiency by structuring work flow and utilising people and machinery to the best ability.

[This product was originally featured in the June 2013 issue of APFI.]

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