The GNT Group has launched the Savoury Solutions line to give a desired shade to all types of savoury applications, so as to enhance a food’s visual appeal. The savoury market can now be coloured naturally instead of with spices and additives like carmine, caramel, copper or chlorophyllin.

Offering a range of savoury colours from yellow and orange to red, pink, brown, blue, or even green, the solutions can be used in all applications ranging from meat and meat analogues, UHT and instant soups, wet and dry mix sauces to dips and dressings as well as pickles and seasonings.

Available as powder or liquid, they are also suitable to meet any requirement. During handling, there is no staining of process equipment, which significantly facilitates production processes.

Eating with your eyes alone may link to negative health effects if artificial dyes are involved. Natural food colourants not only colour food naturally, but also healthily and with added nutrition. What does natural food colourant palm mixed-carotene have to offer? By Chee Yen Lau, nutritionist, Excelvite, Malaysia

Beneo Asia Pacific managing director Christian Philippsen brings us through what we can expect of Asia’s food industry in 2017, and highlights the major trends shaping the region’s food sector.

This festive season, bakers and confectioners will be able to create chocolate masterpieces adorned with colourful, eye catching designs using all natural ingredients, thanks to a new technology. With this versatile new design product at their fingertips, they can bring to life an array of colourful and bright trends while keeping their products free from synthetic additives. By Sofie De Lathouwer, general manager, IBC

In their latest infographic, “What’s Next: Food and Beverage Trends Impact Industry Growth”, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI) reported these as three areas manufacturers need adhere to.

Asia continues to be a growing market for dairy products, and as consumers becoming increasingly health-conscious, they are demanding for more naturally coloured flavoured milks. By Christiane Lippert, head of Marketing (Food), Lycored

The clarity of front-of-pack claims can increase consumers’ brand preference and communicate added value, according to a recent GNT study that gives insights into consumers’ perception of food colourings and labelling.

Besides its aim of achieving 100 percent natural colours and flavours by the end of 2017, the company is also transforming its products to offer more whole grain and underconsumed nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

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