The bad old days of margarine whose production quality was difficult to control are over, thanks to one man’s invention of the modern emulsifier. What was the impact on the industry—and what lies ahead for these powerful production aids? By Palsgaard

Nexus welcomes its new chief executive officer, Claus Christensen, who has experience as both senior executive and full professor.

With partially hydrogenated oils being phased out over the next two years, both cake mix and industrial cake manufacturers need to take a closer look at alternatives. Powdered, activated emulsifiers, it seems, are the wisest choice for a wide variety of reasons. By Arne Pedersen, product & application manager, Palsgaard A/S

The Palsgaard SA 6610 is a powdered cake emulsifier and a versatile whipping agent for industrial cake manufacturers, whether applications involve whipped or stirred cake formulations.

With an ability to stabilise even high amounts of liquid oil in both aerated and non-aerated cakes, the emulsifier enables a switch from saturated fats to unsaturated oils, providing significant health benefits.

The emulsifier is completely vegetable-based and free of allergens, trans fats, and sugar, thereby suiting vegan, gluten-free and/or sugar-free recipes. It suits cake mix producers or industrial cake manufacturers looking to move away from shortenings, and presents a clearer label as it only lists one food carrier and emulsifier on the label.

Soy beverages have been a prominent part of the Asian diet for many centuries and are becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world as well. Success of a soy drink product depends on its homogeneity during its shelf-life, which can be achieved with the right emulsifier and stabiliser combination. By Khoreen New, senior application technologist for Dairy, Ice cream and Soy, Palsgaard Asia-Pacific

With the pilot plant, the company will be able to help customers create new margarine recipes.
The facility in Malaysia can produce single emulsifiers and has a capacity of 20,000 MT per year.
The company is on track to open a new factory in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, by mid-2013, and is planning to produce emulsifiers and integrated blends.

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