Optibiotix’s range of naturally sweet prebiotic fibres—SweetBiotix—can be used as an alternative to regular sugar. As long-fibre sugars, the prebiotics are not broken down or absorbed by the body, and therefore contain no calories.

They can thus be used as healthy sweeteners without adding to a food’s sugar content or contributing to obesity, and can be labelled as a dietary fibre.

Having been proved to be safe and equally sweet as regular sugar, the range can be used to replace ‘unhealthy’ sugars in existing products, and help change consumer behaviour.

Results from a human taste study carried out by the Flavour and Sensory Science Centre at the University of Reading in the UK, suggest naturally sweet prebiotic fibres could replace high calorie sugars in food and drink products.

Beneo has designed a new Isomalt translucent gum coating technology, which utilises a sugar replacer that crystallises translucently.

The translucent quality the coating possesses enables gum manufacturers to produce multi-coloured gum centres to be coated in a crunchy and translucent way. The colours, as well as added print and sparkle effects are now available, due to the coating technology.

Gum that is coated with the translucent product has both crunch and good flavour release, and also prevents any chipping or cracking during production.

With this breakthrough in research, the Kyoto University researchers believe this could be a huge plus for the food industry, especially since consumers are increasingly demanding for natural sweeteners over sugar.

Growing consumer demands for natural, healthy products are leading food manufacturers to search for better substitutes for ingredients like sugar. Derived naturally from luo han guo but offering more than the currently popular stevia, mogroside V might be the next ‘big’ substitute for sugar. By Shi Xuejian, senior food ingredients researcher, CCM

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