The Tetra Pak E3/Speed Hyper filling machine for aseptic cartons features the eBeam system—it sterilises packaging material using electron beams and replaces the traditional hydrogen peroxide sterilisation process for packaging material while guaranteeing the same sterilisation performance. The technology enables fewer chemicals to be stored and treated, leading to reduced consumption of water and energy.

The machine is able to reach 40,000 portion packs per hour, which presents more than a 60 percent improvement compared with the company’s existing A3 machines. The machines allows for higher modularity in terms of filled product types and the same machine can be used to move from pasteurised filling to extended shelf life production.

Located in the Rayong site in Thailand, the US$25.5 million facility that will open early 2018 will be dedicated to producing closures for carton packaging.

Libby Costin, vice president marketing, Tetra Pak, shares more with APFI on the global juice market and how manufacturers can take advantage of this prime opportunity.

Producers working with powder handling applications require a conveying solution that is gentle on fragile ingredients. Vacuum dense-phase pneumatic conveying is designed to offer a solution. By Noelle Cortez, communication and marketing manager, Tetra Pak Guerin Systems

With multiple health benefits and a variety of applications for food and beverage categories, coconut is becoming an increasingly and popularly used ingredient. By Mei Hin Liew, general manager Soya, Tea and Coconut Centre, Tetra Pak

Dairy company Schreiber Dynamix Dairies Pvt Ltd (SDDPL), a joint venture between US-based dairy manufacturer Schreiber Foods and the Indian dairy company Dynamix Dairies, has started operations of its second aseptic food processing and packaging facility in Punjab.

In a world that emphasises on food safety, electron beam technology is fast gaining popularity as a method for sterilisation of carton packaging in beverages with its multiple and various benefits over the conventional hydrogen peroxide method. By Charles Brand, executive VP, product management and commercial operations, Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak’s Ice Cream Filler A3 suits small to medium producers looking to lower operating costs with minimal investment. Producing up to 18,000 ice cream cones per hour, it features three enhanced components: a cone dispenser capable of handling different cones and cups; a chocolate sprayer with high accuracy; and a precise lid dispenser improving standardisation.

These help manufacturers boost efficiency by reducing waste, minimising stops and increasing overall speed, while still ensuring product quality.

The filler also offers significant production flexibility with simple setup and equipment changeovers; manufacturers can switch between different cone sizes, cups or ice cream flavours in minutes.

Tetra Pak has expanded the application of its OneStep processing technology to milk production from powder. The process allows producers to prepare milk from powder in one continuous step.

The processing technology removes multiple steps of pasteurisation and intermediate storage in the traditional process of preparing milk from powder. The process allows the steps to be streamlined into one step where skim milk powder is mixed with preheated water to make a concentrate, which is then blended with water and fat before undergoing UHT treatment.

It also enables complete automation and continuous operations, which reduces operational cost by up to 40 percent.

Tetra Pak has added its name to the Paris Pledge for Action at COP21, reinforcing the company’s long-standing commitment to take the initiative in helping to tackle climate change.

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