With overweight and obesity worldwide steadily increasing, pea protein could be a solution to manage weight. By Dr Aurélie Mauray, market development manager, Specialised Nutrition (EU), and Dr Catherine Lefranc, corporate senior research manager, Nutrition & Health, Roquette

Sports nutrition consumers want fast-acting proteins in a format that’s right for them. The latest generation of whey hydrolysates offers the perfect solution. By Peter Schouw Andersen, head of science & sales development at Arla foods ingredients

Permeate is a high-lactose dairy ingredient that has been used to standardise protein and fat content by dairy manufacturers. It has also been used in food products to save costs and reduce sodium levels, or add minerals such as potassium. With its mineral properties, it could also potentially be an ingredient for sports nutrition, but would that really be feasible? By Michelle Cheong

Dairy has been part of the human diet for centuries, but beyond fulfilling basic nutritional needs, it can also provide targeted nutrition to meet the needs of different groups of people such as infants, seniors and more. By Harmony Villemin, food engineer & professional writer - on behalf of Epi Ingredients, Dry Ingredients Division of French Dairy Cooperative Laïta

It is known that hypertension is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease, and if not properly managed, it can lead to strokes, heart failure or premature death. Southeast Asia is currently facing a rise in hypertension due to unhealthy diets. What can food manufacturers do to promote healthy eating? By Jane Rochstad Lim

As an ingredient with benefits such as to reduce cancer risk or an alternative for sports nutrition, whey proteins are poised for large growth in the next few years, report Mordor Intelligence LLP and Research and Markets.

The gluten-free market has caught the imagination of health conscious consumers and has been expanding steadily. Whey isolates offer an alternative to gluten-free recipes that helps overcome traditional limitations. By Craig Sherwin, director of Protein Technology Center, Davisco Foods

The population of older adults around the world is on a steady rise, leading to a new focus on health span rather than life span. Protein intake can be critical in ensuring that the elderly stay healthy and fit. By Phanin Leksrisompong, director of business development, Davisco Foods

Packaging constitutes a major market share of the plastic industry despite its often short term application. With growing concerns on the environment and resources, whey coated packaging can be the solution for the future that is made from waste materials and is recyclable. By Elodie Bugnicourt, Innovació i Recerca Industrial i Sostenible (IRIS)

Demand for whey protein specifically is soaring as a result of growing demand in certain Asian markets.

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