tna’s energy-efficient fan—the Ferguson ener-freeze 3—reduces energy consumption by more than 30 percent as compared to the previous version. The fan is able to freeze a variety of potato products in different shapes, including sticks, cubes and wedges in a uniform manner.

It has centrifugal fans with curved blades to optimise the airflow underneath the belt, resulting in even air velocity over the product for a high heat transfer rate and even fluidisation across the entire width of the belt. The fan curve has almost 100 percent spare static pressure to minimise the effects of production fluctuations.

tna’s ropac 5 is a high-speed case packer for flexible bags that is capable of speeds up to 300 bags per minute. The case packer features semi-automatic, tool-less changeovers that take less than 10 minutes to complete, offering manufacturers complete flexibility over bag and case size.

The machine requires minimal power and air due to the low amount of pneumatic actuators and the semi-rotary action that avoids reciprocating motion, which reduces operating costs.

The compact (1,220 mm width) side-loading case packer enables it to be easily integrated with any upstream and downstream equipment, including check weighers, case erectors and top sealers. Its small size allows manufacturers to place a case packer after every single bagger.

The company’s new office in central Tokyo in the Marunouchi district will host technical support and sales staff to directly support the Japanese market.

Oil is a critical element in the production of fried potato products. Using the right oil and managing it well during operation will allow manufacturers to better cater products to consumer demands. By Arnaud Jansse, food technologist, Florigo (from TNA)

The acquisition provides Australian equipment supplier tna with access to NID’s starch moulding technology and expands their services and products to more industry segments like confectionery.

The robag packaging system is a VFFS (vertical form fill sealing) packaging system with a fully integrated labeller and inserter that enables high-speed application of promotional labels and/or insertion of value-added two-dimensional (e.g. coupons) or three-dimensional items (e.g. toys or dry/liquid-filled sachets) into primary packaging.

Depending on the size of the label/insert, the integrated equipment enables a performance of over 450 labels and 500 inserts per minute, offering customers a high-performance single packaging system.

Further, directly mounted onto the system, the inserter and labeller do not require any additional floor space, and can be easily configured and controlled via the control screen.

Piet Ising will work closely with tna’s global sales and engineering teams to further build the company’s expertise in the general foods sector, including the expansion of tna’s portfolio of full washdown solutions for the fresh and frozen industry.

Asian consumers are becoming increasingly adventurous when it comes to snacking. Seasoning technology plays a key role in providing consumers the sensory experience they want while helping manufacturers improve their bottom line. By David Woollard, group product manager, seasoning, tna

The new positions of customer service and logistics coordinator, project manager and technical support engineer will join the food processing and packaging supplier’s on-the-ground support team in Bangkok, Thailand.

VFFS machines have been around for over fifty years. Continued innovation means bagging speeds have evolved from 60 bags per minute to over 200. While high speeds are essential, so too is product quality. Recent developments in the design of this technology can help manufacturers get the balance right. By Paul Webster, general manager—Asia, tna

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