Healthier Approach To Dairy

Consumers are actively seeking out healthy, nutritious choices for themselves, and this trend extends to dairy products. By Farah Nazurah
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Organic Products Are Still Going Strong

Demand of organic produce is on the rise as consumers are placing emphasis on how their products are produced and processed. By Farah Nazurah  
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Nutrition & Market Trends

Bakery Trends: What’s Baking?

The end of the year is always a good time to review the year’s trends and what can be expected for next year or the…

Nutrition & Market Trends

The Health And Wellness Trend Continues In Asia

More consumers are becoming more conscious about what food they eat, driving for a healthier marketplace for food and beverages, says Jane Barnett, head of…

Nutrition & Market Trends

Tocotrienol-Rich Fraction: A Gem In Palm Oil For Cardioprotection

With cardiovascular disease being the number one killer in the world today, it is only expected that consumers be presented with solutions that alleviate risk…


When Two Is Better Than One

There is so much attention and focus on plant-based and dairy-free diets these days that one might think that dairy is bad for health. But…

Nutrition & Market Trends

Chinese Infant Formula Market Focuses On High-Quality Ingredients

Demand for infant formula in China is increasing, providing an opportune market for manufacturers. Governed by strict new regulations and increasing consumer demand for safe…

Natural, Free-From & Functional Ingredients

Buttering Up Tastes

Butter is making a strong comeback into the food scene, and in new applications. Stanley Goh, regional director, food service-asia & middle east, Fonterra, tells…

Nutrition & Market Trends

Omega-3 Index Test: An Essential Biomarker For Heart Health & More

Maintaining one’s health is getting easier, with personalised nutrition and home test kits becoming more popular. One can even ensure heart health by measuring omega-3…

Healthy Alternatives

Staying Energised Throughout The Odd Hours Of The Night

What can employees working late hours or graveyard shifts do to ensure they overcome the draw of sleep and work safely and efficiently? It’s all…

Nutrition & Market Trends

Innovating With Health In Mind

Health is the top priority for many consumers today, and it is vital that manufacturers innovate with healthy and natural ingredients to create products that…

Emulsifiers, Stabilisers, Mouthfeel & Texture

Pushing Puff Pastry Margarine Performance

  If there were ever a competitive sport for margarines, puff pastry margarines would be the elite athletes—powerful, flexible and able to perform almost on…