Spreading The Goodness Of Natural Food Colours & Flavours

  Nature is the best place to start when it comes to adding colour and flavour to any product. Consumers’ expectations are increasing day by day, and they expect their favorite foods to have natural ingredients. It is time to turn the conversion to colours and flavours sourced from nature. In…

Antioxidants For Meat And Poultry: Clean Label Perspectives

Shelf-life extension can provide a critical solution in the effort to improve profitability and reduce waste, say Alessandra Pham-Mondala, Lee Zhi Ying, and Poulson Joseph from Kalsec (Kalamazoo, United States, and Asia Pacific).   Meat and meat products offer a nutritionally dense source of protein, often added by consumers as…

Wine Goes Organic

The organic wine market has been booming in the US and Europe, and consumers in Asia could well follow this trend and might reach out for a glass or even a bottle of organic wine for their next drink. By Farah Nazurah

Tocotrienol-Rich Fraction: A Gem In Palm Oil For Cardioprotection

With cardiovascular disease being the number one killer in the world today, it is only expected that consumers be presented with solutions that alleviate risk for the disease. Tocotrienol-rich fraction is one such solution. By Dr Wei Ney Yap, section head, biological, Davos Life Science Vitamin E consists of two…

Healthy And Tasty Unrefined Oil From Avocado

Inspired by virgin olive oil extraction technology, cold pressed extraction could replace traditional ones for avocado oil, to produce a purpose-ready oils for the edible oil market. By Giacomo Costagli, regional sales olive oil, Edible Oil Systems, Alfa Laval Spa

The Role Of Natural Antioxidants In The Protection Of Food

  Placed correctly, natural antioxidants in food systems can maintain the highest possible quality of the food. David Prime, global product manager protection, Vitablend UK, explains what food technicians need to consider when making their choice of antioxidants, and which role the natural antioxidants play in today’s food systems.

Delivering Antioxidant Effects The Right Way

  With consumers increasing demand for more healthful products, it is essential that food and beverages on the market that claim this, such as those with antioxidants, are truly healthful. Dr Vincent Candrawinata, Conjoint Fellow of The University of Newcastle, Australia and Founder of Renovatio Bioscience, discusses phenolic antioxidants and…
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