The Impact Of Digitisation On The F&B Industry

F&B manufacturers who are able to take the necessary steps in digital transformation will build trust with their consumers and gain a competitive edge, says Damien Dhellemmes, country president for Singapore, Schneider Electric. The food and beverage (F&B) industry is going through a profound transformation driven by cost pressure, growing…

Asia Cheese Exports From The U.S. On An Upward Trend

Ahead of Food&Hotel Asia, APFI speaks to Vikki Nicholson-West, senior vice president, business unit director, Southeast Asia, USDEC, regarding dairy trends in Asia.  What are the causes for the increase in dairy sales in Asia? Dairy offers a tremendous source of nutrition and taste for vibrant growing economies in Asia. The…

Rethinking Food Safety In Dairy

Consumer demand and current market conditions are pushing the industry to dig deep to deliver improved product quality and safety for customers across all food and beverage sectors, including dairy. By Samantha Wong, food technology specialist. Plagued by major product recalls and health scares in recent years, the food and…

All About Marshmallows

Marshmallows have been a long-loved food for many, and today is still seeing evolution. But how did the marshmallow come about and where are these fluffy confections heading to? By Frank Van Riel, sales manager, Tanis Food Tec Every couple of years the taste of consumers tends to change. Driving…

Five Questions To Better Pressure-Sensitive Bottle Labelling

  Innovation in the beverage sector has spurred manufacturers to make their products stand out on shelves with unique packaging other than typical round bottles. This calls for switches to labelling systems, but what is best for your application? By Chris Erbach, Integrated Marketing Manager, Weber Packaging

Engaging Today’s Connected Consumers

  There is no denying that marketing products on social media platforms is necessary to engage millennials as they are spending more time on the web and their mobile devices.  By Farah Nazurah

The Role Of Natural Antioxidants In The Protection Of Food

  Placed correctly, natural antioxidants in food systems can maintain the highest possible quality of the food. David Prime, global product manager protection, Vitablend UK, explains what food technicians need to consider when making their choice of antioxidants, and which role the natural antioxidants play in today’s food systems.

Straight From Source To Doorstep In 12 Hours

  Consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious globally, which has resulted in higher consumption of organic food in place of conventional food. Liam McCance, chief executive officer, Subscribe to Food, shares more on the organic food trend in Southeast Asia. By Farah Nazurah
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