Not Common Knowledge: The Largest Immune Organ

Although many consumers understand the basics of the immune system—such as how one catches a cold—most are not aware that the largest immune organ in our body is the gastrointestinal tract. By Shali S. We rarely consider the function and functionality of our immune systems until there’s a bump in…

Let’s Talk About Bacteria In Infants And Children

Studies on probiotics indicate that they may actually reduce the need for antibiotics in the future, says Chr. Hansen.   Asia Pacific represents one of the biggest growth regions for vitamins and dietary supplements (VDS) according to a report by Euromonitor in 2017. The retail value of VDS stands at…

Sugar Reduction For A Sweeter Tomorrow

Driven by urbanisation, nutrition transition, and increasingly sedentary lifestyles, the world is witnessing an alarming growth in obesity and its commonly accompanying health complication says Dina Yeon, marketing manager, Sweetness, Ingredion Asia Pacific.   In 2016, the World Health Organisation estimated that over 1.9 billion adults, representing a staggering 39…

Healthier Approach To Dairy

Consumers are actively seeking out healthy, nutritious choices for themselves, and this trend extends to dairy products. By Farah Nazurah

2017 Food And Beverage Market’s Six Trends

  Identified by market intelligence agency Mintel, the 2017 global food and drink trends are grounded in current consumer demands for healthy, convenient and trustworthy food and drinks. By Jane Barnett, insights manager for the ANZ, SEA and India regions at Mintel
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