East And West Cuisine: Driven By Taste And Flavour

With exotic flavours such as curries in the limelight, the vegetarian juggernaut thunders on—according to seasoning experts, RAPS GmbH.  In 2016, almost every fifth person in the Asia-Pacific region was vegetarian, with India topping the bill according to Statista Germany in 2016. By contrast, only six percent and five percent…

Euglena: A New Superfood On The Market

Euglena is a hybrid microalga with the potential to address global issues such as poverty and malnutrition, as well as provide solutions for sustainable energy, says Melody Chong, certified health coach, from euglena company limited.   Acai, Chia, Hemp, Maca—these are popular ingredients we have become familiar with in our…

Making It All Count: Omega-3 Fatty Acids

How does one get enough essential fatty acids in your body to reap its health benefits? Dr. Ek Kai Lin, senior manager, scientific marketing, BASF Nutrition & Health shares her insights in this deep dive of the omega-3s.   There are fatty acids and there are essential fatty acids. The…

Bakery Trends: What’s Baking?

The end of the year is always a good time to review the year’s trends and what can be expected for next year or the coming years. Michael Skriver, director regional, AAK Singapore, talks with APFI on three big trends of the bakery industry.

Staying Energised Throughout The Odd Hours Of The Night

What can employees working late hours or graveyard shifts do to ensure they overcome the draw of sleep and work safely and efficiently? It’s all in a healthy, sweet snack, says Klaudia Volmer, Beneo’s functional carbohydrates product manager.

Innovating With Health In Mind

Health is the top priority for many consumers today, and it is vital that manufacturers innovate with healthy and natural ingredients to create products that consumers love. By Cargill

Delivering Antioxidant Effects The Right Way

  With consumers increasing demand for more healthful products, it is essential that food and beverages on the market that claim this, such as those with antioxidants, are truly healthful. Dr Vincent Candrawinata, Conjoint Fellow of The University of Newcastle, Australia and Founder of Renovatio Bioscience, discusses phenolic antioxidants and…

Straight From Source To Doorstep In 12 Hours

  Consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious globally, which has resulted in higher consumption of organic food in place of conventional food. Liam McCance, chief executive officer, Subscribe to Food, shares more on the organic food trend in Southeast Asia. By Farah Nazurah
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