East And West Cuisine: Driven By Taste And Flavour

With exotic flavours such as curries in the limelight, the vegetarian juggernaut thunders on—according to seasoning experts, RAPS GmbH.  In 2016, almost every fifth person in the Asia-Pacific region was vegetarian, with India topping the bill according to Statista Germany in 2016. By contrast, only six percent and five percent…

Lowering Cost To Increase Profit Margins: Is It Really That Simple?

A holistic view of the factory floor enables data to be turned into information and actions that can realise significant savings to production costs, says Jonathan Reed, global product manager automation—Food & Beverage, SPX FLOW Limited.   For a business to be viable, it must make money. Basic math shows…

Trends And Drivers In The European Biomaterials Market

Futamura is dedicated to using renewable and responsibly managed resources to produce plastic-free packaging that offers outstanding product protection and shelf-life. By Andy Sweetman, sales and marketing manager, Futamura EMEA. In 2018, the European biomaterials market has seen a surge of interest in its biobased and compostable products because of…

Bakery Trends: What’s Baking?

The end of the year is always a good time to review the year’s trends and what can be expected for next year or the coming years. Michael Skriver, director regional, AAK Singapore, talks with APFI on three big trends of the bakery industry.

Chinese Infant Formula Market Focuses On High-Quality Ingredients

Demand for infant formula in China is increasing, providing an opportune market for manufacturers. Governed by strict new regulations and increasing consumer demand for safe and beneficial ingredients, manufacturers should look to high-quality ingredients. By Dr Sigalit Zchut, chief scientist, Advanced Lipids If you had to name the point when…

What’s Trending In Bakery And Savoury Snacks?

  Clean label continues to lead the bakery and snacking sectors, and with health fast becoming a priority, this has opened up opportunities for clean label and natural ingredients. By Alison Coppolella, Quality Assurance & Technical Development Manager, Azelis

A Peek Into Current APAC F&B Trends

  Mathias Kuepper, managing director at Koelnmesse Private Limited, organiser of Thaifex-World of Food Asia (Thaifex), gives an insight to how the Asia Pacific food and beverage industry will change in the coming years, ahead of the event. By Michelle Cheong

2017 Food And Beverage Market’s Six Trends

  Identified by market intelligence agency Mintel, the 2017 global food and drink trends are grounded in current consumer demands for healthy, convenient and trustworthy food and drinks. By Jane Barnett, insights manager for the ANZ, SEA and India regions at Mintel
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