Have A Break, Reduce Your Waste

The Kit Kat bar is one of the world’s most beloved chocolate bars. But, I bet you didn’t know the wafer in the centre is actually made from broken Kit Kat bars. Steve Pinhorne, Managing Director at global packaging manufacturer, Advanta, explains why a similar zero-waste approach should be taken…

Ecological Awareness Challenges The Packaging Industry

In the packaging sector, one should never lose sight of the big picture: the overall goal is to produce packaging with low ecological impact over its complete product life cycle. By Jörg Sabo, marketing director of Greiner Packaging International.   Sustainability is the order of the day. Once scoffed at…

Building The ‘Factory Of The Future’

Guido Ceresole, Zone VP SEAP, Gebo Cermex, discusses how ‘The Factory of the Future’ can help enhance efficiency, while bringing unprecedented agility and greater business opportunities.

Going Active And Intelligent With Packaging

With significant developments in the A&IP sector, food and beverage brand owners must embrace A&IP and apply it to their businesses. By Andrew Manly, communications director, Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA)

Adapting To Local Cultures In Beverage Packaging

To stand out in an increasingly saturated market, manufacturers are now introducing new products that appeal to consumers and changing the way they look at ready-to-drink teas, soft drinks, beer and juices. By Farah Nazurah

Five Questions To Better Pressure-Sensitive Bottle Labelling

  Innovation in the beverage sector has spurred manufacturers to make their products stand out on shelves with unique packaging other than typical round bottles. This calls for switches to labelling systems, but what is best for your application? By Chris Erbach, Integrated Marketing Manager, Weber Packaging

Less Is More With Single-Serve Packaging

  Convenience demands by consumers are creating more opportunities for single-serve packaging. What are some things manufacturers should consider for this? By Josh Oleson, Senior Director of Packaging Development, Havi

Small Steps For APAC’s Food Industry, Big Steps For Humanity

  With packaging a large waste contributor worldwide, all parties need to think of sustainable packaging and other ways to reduce waste. Marcel Cote, director, strategic marketing, Avery Dennison, South Asia pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa, discusses the small steps that companies can take to make a change for the better…
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