APFI Exclusive: Robotics And Agri-Tech From New Zealand

APFI Exclusive: Robotics And Agri-Tech From New Zealand
Ahead of Food&Hotel Asia, APFI sits down with Hayley Horan, New Zealand Trade Commissioner to Singapore, to learn about New Zealand’s thriving agri-tech industry.  …
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Atria Packages Food With User-Friendly Robots

Atria Packages Food With User-Friendly Robots
At one of Atria’s four factories in Skene, Sweden, many of the plant’s 30 employees are working side-by-side with three robot arms from Universal Robots…
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Processing > Bakery, Snacks & Confectionery

Balancing Quality And Profitability In Powder Handling

The key to sustained success can be summarised as “quality with profitability” but the manufacturing and consumer landscape is changing so rapidly that achieving these…

Automation & Robots

Improving Productivity Through Smart Manufacturing

  Robots and automation have transformed manufacturing in almost every industrial sector, and have increased efficiency and product consistency. By Farah Nazurah In today’s competitive…


Delivering Speedy Automated Drinks

  Automation in the food service industry, especially for smaller businesses, is gaining traction as more owners realise the benefits of automating some, if not…


Engaging Today’s Connected Consumers

  There is no denying that marketing products on social media platforms is necessary to engage millennials as they are spending more time on the…

Ingredients > Nutrition & Market Trends

Going Into Japan’s Latest Food Trends

  Nishida Masanao, director of Food Japan, gives his insight on these in an exclusive pre-interview with APFI leading up to Food Japan 2017.

Packaging > Coding, Labelling & Packaging Labels

Slim And Trim

  Rotary machines are widely used to apply labels in the beverage industry, and wet glue labels are still frequently the method of choice for…

Packaging > Branding & Market Trends

Less Is More With Single-Serve Packaging

  Convenience demands by consumers are creating more opportunities for single-serve packaging. What are some things manufacturers should consider for this? By Josh Oleson, Senior…

Automation & Robots > Technology

Five Reasons To Replace PTFE-Lined Bearings

  As with all sectors of the manufacturing industry, the F&B industry too uses a lot of machines and with these comes the need for…


Straight From Source To Doorstep In 12 Hours

  Consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious globally, which has resulted in higher consumption of organic food in place of conventional food. Liam McCance, chief…


Innovation To Support Growth For SMEs

  Setting up a food manufacturing business is a huge commitment, but the rewards and satisfaction that comes with success makes it all worth it.…