BASF Launches PeptAIde™—The World’s First AI-Identified Plant-Based Peptide To Address Sports-Related Inflammation

Dietrich Rein, Scientific Marketing, and Mareike Kampmann, Marketing Human Nutrition of BASF SE, discuss the importance of new-to-market peptides that address inflammatory processes in exercise.…

Food Safety

Improving Your Food Safety Program

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Building The ‘Factory Of The Future'

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Insights For The 2018 Beverage Industry

Ieva Jureviciene, NPD Manager at MyDrink Beverages, shares her insights on the trends to look out for in the 2018 beverage industry.


Connect Nutrition And Health With Natural Ingredients

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Plant-Based Nutrition Is 2018's Recipe For Success

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Why Cloud ERP Is The Secret Ingredient To Thriving In The Digital Age

Zakir Ahmed, general manager, Asia, Oracle NetSuite, discusses how food and beverage companies can optimise their businesses by moving to the cloud.


Understanding Trends In Food Processing

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New Disruptor: Online Food Delivery Marketplace

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Going Active And Intelligent With Packaging

With significant developments in the A&IP sector, food and beverage brand owners must embrace A&IP and apply it to their businesses. By Andrew Manly, communications…